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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 11:49 AM
This trip was awesome! I knew my thery of the Memorial Day holiday would drive people away from thinking its too crowded! It wasn't and I was so exicted! I got there a little before 9 and got into the park at 9:30 when it supposedily opened. Welp this wasn't the case they open the pakr up then and Vortex, Big carosell, and chairswing. I was running to Stelth to be greeted by a rope. It was funny cuase these girls ran right through the rope and almost triped hahaha! They also turned away four ACE'ers saying today was not an ERT today, looks like only Sunday's.

Well National anthem is done AND HERE WE GO! Off and running like mad! In an EMPTY park some people behind me broke off to Top Gun well not me! I was tired when I finnaly got to Stelth, somehow 2 guys were there before me will rigft through the station and on the ride! Man this is werid Never been on this before cuase it always broke down! Well I was on the thing thing thinking, " What am I getting myself into!" I thought the vest was loose, it was I told the op and he put the air lock and said, "Sir is that still loose?" Then he beat up everywon's restraint. He was having fun with his job but loading time was sooooo slow! 1st train of the day!

My Lord this is and INCREDIBLE ride! I can't belive how cool this was! The Loop is amazing! Defently a 9 out of 10!

Then Pyscho Mouse. my that looks dumb. Skiped.

Saw Drop Zone dad didn't wanna ride it, I 'll leave something for next time!

Invertigo, This ride is GREAT! Is Intense, and when your back is to a lift you really feel like your about to fall out! Sweetness! I really wanted to ride this to see what Deja Vu is going to be like, It is going to be very scary when your back is to the lift!

The to Demon accros the way, I really like this ride and it had no wait even though the park had a sign that said one train operation only. The ride can run 3 trains due to the midcousres I think but I didn't see another in sight on the brake run.

The ride was riding faster but rougher, good thing I am not affected by this because my head easily clears the OTSR's. Nice ride with some intensity in the corkscrews, like the theming! 7.5-10.

Now to Top Gun. I though it would be crowded but still not yet! About a 25 minute wait for front row which is mandatory for B&M Inverts! Intense as heck! My Lord! I was conviced Batman was better but I don't know anymore this ride packs such a punch on the corkscrew,helix finale seems like your going 80 MPH! 9.5-10! P.S. The station sounds with the plan duel going on is gone, man that was loud and annoying!

Then I conviced my sister and dad [ who hated the James Bond simulator and think there stupid} To ride 7th Portal. I really wanted to ride this there was no wait in the morning. It takes for ever to load! We wached the pre show at least 3 times! You defently do not know the stroy line, I am guessing your playing a computer internet game called 7th Portal and get sucked in. Well the ride is great! The 3d affects are cool and can Really get you to lunge out of the way! The problem is that the images and picture are not clear at all towards your face, I have been spoiled by doing Disney and universal 3d I guess, anyway a must do in the morning cause the line will be short and make shure you ride it! 6 out of 10

The exit to the theture is the same as Greezed Lightning so we went to ride Greezed Lighting,

Exterme Walk on here folks! Had to do this in front and its a good ride! This Anton S. Shuttle looper is ealy good because its great going backwards through the loop with a lapbar and seat belt [ you can't even notice it]

Lunch time went to the car, 10 bucks to feed one person In the 50's cafe!
Stelth time! Had a bit of a wait but not much at all abotu 20-30 minutes. The queue just stopped moving when we were getting to the station, got there, break down.
I have had horrible luck with this coaster and it was called a "volentary shut down" by the ride op. I was just starting to forgive Vekoma and like it by then this happens. They cycled a couple trains through with the mechanic at the controls, now why this abouit 10-15 minute thing is going on they have a train sitting on the final brake run! They are all lying down and face up to sun! This isn't real comfy but the main thing is what if a bird comes by and happens to take car crap on you? They need to get a screen! They would defently get sued. Rode it in the back, still an awesome ride esspecially that "Body chooper" when it looks like you really will fly right into the On ride photo booth! I also did not get into the restriants comfortibly and it felt like I was gonna fall out if I tried to put my arms out and fly like my sister does, this only happend on the flying part! Vekoma is no longer a bad company in my book!

Now to Vortex! I like the ride's queue for some reaosn, I guess I never have to wait in the cut backs so thats why! They could play some real cool music with this ride, well got to the tiny station and the wait for the front row is no moore than others took it liked it! This is one of those coasters you don't want to not ride because its a B&M that is the meere fact I ride this hoping to get the great B&M ride. This time in the front row all I can say is, FINNALLY! I liked the ride there and after the first loop when I got my head lit up on the OTSR I rememberd Jeff's riding style to rest your gead agasnt the restraint on a side, it worked. Nice ride. 7 out of 10

back to Invertigo For last ride of the day had a not too long line but seemed like a 35-45 minute wait, loved it agian! This time though my back was to the lift of the first hill and the whooooole time I felt like I was going to fly out! I had to hold my body back so I wouldn't have to really on the bottom part of the OTSR and small seat belt, the reason it said, "Vekoma" :)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 4:38 PM
Hey Todd. How's my fellow PGA lover? Anyways, Psycho mouse may seem boring, and I personally don't think it's worth a wait more than...say, 20 minutes maybe. The first week PGA opened (March somthing) there basically were NO lines and my friend and I went on Psycho Mouse around 13 times. The turns at top seem tame but pull some great lateral G's!

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