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Thursday, April 10, 2003 6:22 PM
My first coaster trip of 2003 was to Paramount’s Great America and Six Flags Marine World, both outside of San Francisco, California. I attended both of these parks alone, as my parents are not interested in coasters. Despite the long “adventures” to get to each park (BART and bus to PGA, and ferry and taxi to SFMW), I had a great time at each. I hope you enjoy the trip report. I believe you have to copy and paste the picture links. PARAMOUNT’S GREAT AMERICA – APRIL 5 I arrived at PGA at 10:30 got my ticket (43 bucks with coupon, yikes!) and went through the slow security screening process. Once inside, I headed straight for…

STEALTH I wasn’t sure what to expect from the “World’s First Flying Coaster”, but I was looking forward to finding out what it had to offer. After waiting for about an hour due to only one train operation, I strapped into the heavy vests and was off. After the lift hill, the train dips and flips, YIKES! What a great experience, you really put your weight on those vests. I enjoyed Stealth a lot, especially the initial flip over, raven, and the insane loop. The only part I felt was lacking were the corkscrews, which were bumpy and rather unexciting. This ride is pretty short, a little rough, but packs a punch. 3.5/5 Stars

DELIRIUM Right across from Stealth was the Delirium, a ride that I have ridden at the N.C. State Fair (Fireball). I was rather disappointed in the ride, it wasn’t really intense and it was too short. The little boy who threw up did not make things any better either. One positive note was the fastest part of the ride, which provides some exciting spins. 2.5/5 Stars

TOP GUN This B&M inverter was next, and I was very pleased with its quality. The ride was running both trains so the line moved quickly through the decent theming. The ride itself was nice, especially the excellent corkscrew/helix finale over the lake. The only thing that disappointed me was the peeling paint job. This is definitely a good ride, I put it ahead of Batman the Ride and Carowinds’s Top Gun, but behind Montu and Talon. 4/5 Stars

VORTEX This mini-standup was next and I chose the front seat. This little Beemer packs quite a punch and was a short, but good ride. I really liked the twist before the flatspin and riding in the front was excellent with not much head banging. 3.5/5 Stars

After lunch, I went straight to INVERTIGO to let my food digest in line. Since I have ridden PKI’s Faceoff, I knew what to expect. The ride is decent, I like the drop and going in reverse, but it is a bit rough. This ride’s crew was the slowest in the park and the line was quite unorganized. This ride also needs some paint, the yellow looks terrible. 3/5 Stars

DEMON was next, a classic Arrow looper. I really enjoyed this ride, and I found it smooth and intense. I especially loved the gs in the second loop and the great tunnels that followed it and preceded the corkscrews. 4/5 Stars

GRIZZLY concluded my day with a Blah! This ride was only running one train and waiting was not worth it. The ride has no air, no good laterals, and is just not that thrilling. It may have just been a bad day, but Grizzly did not deliver. 2/5 Stars

PARAMOUNT’S GREAT AMERICA was a great park overall. I enjoyed my visit and the park has quite a collection of rides, some better than others. The ticket price is a bit high and some of the rides could use some paint and sprucing up, but other than that, PGA was a great park. I found the park to be decently themed and overall quite attractive. 4/5 Stars

SIX FLAGS MARINE WORLD – APRIL 6 I arrived a the park at 10:45 and paid my $24.99 and headed straight through the park towards…

V2, my first impulse coaster. I wasn’t sure how good it was going to be, but was pleasantly surprised to find that is exceeded all my expectations. Vertical Velocity turned out to be one of the trip’s best thrills and I found it great in all the seats I rode in (front, back, and middle). Since each seat provides a different thrill, I rode quite a few times. My favorite seat was the back because of the height on the back spike. The launch was good, spiral was insane, and the vertical spike was great! I just wish that holding brake stopped the train completely. 4.5/5 Stars

ROAR was next on my list, as it was only running one coach and the line was quickly forming. I found this wooden coaster to be a decent ride, but nothing spectacular. Despite its great drops and good twists, the ride lacks airtime and intense laterals. This ride was pretty average, not great, but certainly not bad either. 3/5 Stars

TAZMANIAN DEVIL was next, an older Huss Frisbee. Wow, this thing is insane. When it gets going, you feel some G’s. Way better than PGA’s Delirium and one of the best flats I’ve ridden. 3.5/5 Stars

BOOMERANG was next for the coaster count. This one wasn’t too rough except for the jerk as the train catches the second lift. 2.5/5 Stars

I then headed towards the infamous KONG, a Vecoma SLC. Since I’d never ridden an SLC, I figured I owed it a chance. Unfortunately only one train was running so I had to wait a bit, but once I got to ride I wasn’t too disappointed. While no B&M, Kong is not as bad as some make it out to be. It was fairly smooth and featured some good foot choppers. I especially liked the openness of the lift hill and the fact that the train got stuck on it when it was Hangman at Opryland added to the thrill. Not too bad, but not great. This ride was very popular with the guests. 3/5 Stars

I saved the best for last! MEDUSA, a B&M floorless was as expected, perfect. No line, great drop, the zero-g roll, and “barely there” midcourse brakes made for an excellent ride. This thing really flew through the corkscrews and I loved sitting in the front seat! Medusa is quite simply a great roller coaster. While not as intense as some other coasters, the ride’s great pacing and beauty (especially the attractive parking places under it) make up for where it lacks. 4.5/5 Stars

SIX FLAGS MARINE WORLD turned out to be a nice park. The back of the park was quite well themed and the natural scenery was beautiful. The front needs some work though. Although B&M, Intamin, and Schwarzy track are GREAT!, the entrance is not. It would have also been great to ride Hammerhead Shark and add the other trains to Roar and Kong. 3/5 Stars

Final Thoughts and Questions.

Does Stealth ever run two trains?

Why wasn’t Hammerhead Shark open?

What the heck is that noise in Medusa’s zero-G roll?

It’s funny how the GP loves Boomerang and Kong.

Those poor season pass people in line for renewals looked mad.

Zonga is coming alone nicely, and will be an interesting little ride. Also, is it just me or did the first drop formally go all the way to the ground whereas now it only goes halfway? Thanks for reading!
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Friday, April 11, 2003 6:03 AM
I recall reading somewhere (either here or sfmwonline) that Zonga has been reprofiled to raise the (circular, not clothoid) loops, reducing train speed through them and the attendant forces. Not sure if that affects the first drop or not, as I don't recall the exact layout.

Friday, April 11, 2003 12:00 PM
nice TR, a couple of things... don't be afraid to award 5/5!!!, and second of all, DAMN thats alot of edits


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