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Monday, September 17, 2001 11:15 AM
My girlfriend were bored and heard that PGA was going to remain open this weekend, but they were cancelling all shows. So I assumed that the lines may be short for a Sunday. I assumed right. We even arrived at the park at 12:30pm, not really early but it didn't seem to matter.


Vortex - No one in queue. Alright! Now that is more like it! All of a sudden the shortest standup (along with the other Vortex) gets long, as they let us go through twice once while we were in the front seat! Thanks ride-ops! We also rode once more from the back seat. I still think Vortex is pretty intense for how short it is. There are quite a few laterals for a standup.


Demon : No one in queue. My girlfriend hates it, so we only rode it once. Ever since they reprofiled it in the late 80's(taking out the mountain structure in the loop, making the first drop only 45 degrees, etc.) has serioulsy ruined this coaster, and since they bill it as being the old coaster of the park, it makes old coasters in general seem lame, which is just not the case. Anyways, I can still ride an Arrow Double Loop and Corkscrew and come out with a smile, no matter how much reprofiling it goes through (unless they start taking out loops or corkscrews.)


Invertigo: 10 min wait for front/back. It's funny how much the GP loves this ride. It had the longest line besides Stealth, and the line for Stealth goes ridiculously slow, so I am pretty sure it could have been the most popular coaster in the park. I think it is cool and intense, but after seeing Deja Vu I know I won't be the same after riding it soon (I am going the instant I hear about X opening.) Still, it's amazing how much of a crowd pleaser it and older Vekoma Boomerangs are, I wonder if it has to do with the fact that you can see the whole ride at once, and the inversions are so close.


Drop Zone : 5 min wait. We went on twice. My girlfriend loves drop rides, but this is the only kind she's been on (execept for a few S&S space shots.) Since I have been on newer rotating types, it's not quite as cool but still worth the wait. Plus after having been on Supreme Scream it makes Drop Zone seem tame. (I have yet to ride Acrophobia)


Grizzly : No one in queue. My girlfriend has never been on the front seat, and you get a great view of how rickety and poorly maintained this coaster is. Since I am not a fan of this coaster, I decided to revisit my jr. high school roots and tried to put my hands up high enough to hit the trees. I did! Ouch! I had a handful of leaves that I was tossing around during the third turn around after showing it to my girlfriend.


Psycho Mouse : 10 min wait. Since we'd both been on this before, we decided not to go on it this time.


Stealth : 10-15 min wait. I am actually starting to get bored of this coaster. We went on it twice, and on the second time I was really getting uncomfortable in the annoying brake section. Please PGA, build another lifting mechanism and build an exit station on the brake block. Or at least build a shade so you don't have to stare at the sun. My girlfriend still likes it, but she said she noticed this time how rough it get through those corkscrews. It's actually quite a bit rougher than the corkscrews on Demon.


Top Gun : 5 min. wait for front seat. My girlfriend likes Top Gun an awful lot, it may have been the first coaster that she ever liked. Short but packs a major punch, and I think the slanted helix immediately after loop has yet to be reproduced on any other invert.


After that we started to get hungry, and since we didn't want to eat in the park we left. We were only there for 4 hours, thanks to the short lines.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001 10:15 PM
Cool TR.  I am going to PGA this Saturday and SFMW this Sunday.  Can't wait.  What are the lines like at PGA on Saturdays?
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Thursday, September 20, 2001 7:09 PM
Hell. But I think this time of year its not bad. PGA is less crowded sometimes of Sundays but its hit or miss. I don't think its going to be to bad though people are usually done going to parks now until October. SFMW will be crowded probibly but so this.

PGA, when you park get a map and famirliarise your self with the park. The park lets guests in at 9:30 and opens the Carrosell, Celebration Swings and Vortex. You can ride Vortex if your planning to run to Stleth(you should esspecially on a Sat.)
Now go to the left of the Carrosell and through the gates of Orleans Place go over to the left of the rope becuase thats the side that drops first. If you run you'll get on the first train. People start to run and usually stop and even go the easy way out and just go to nearby Top Gun.(Don't do it!) After Stelth go to Invertigo, you need to go alllll the way to the back of the park and turn right when you get to Pyscho Mouse, go by Drop Zone, go by Grizzley go by Demon and finnally Invertigo. Now you will go back to all those rides to skiped and ride Drop Zone, Pyscho Mouse and Demon in order,(Skip Grizz for now.) Now you should go to 7th Portal Samsh Factory. After that Greezd Lightning is right by there and accually shares the same exit ad 7th Portal. GL will have no line so go through the GL exit, go over the rail and ride GL till your heart desires! Now it should be about 11:30 and you haven't waited in line! If your gonna eat at the park do it now! If you want Pizza go to Pasta Connections and get it there becuse the line is much shorter. I like to go to the parking lot and eat because the PGA food is quite awesome its not cheap!

SFMW: Much less complicated. Get there early ride Boomerang, Kong, and Roar in order then enjoy the res of the park. The new diving show is a bit corny but its not bad and the finale is GREAT!

Have some fun!
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Friday, September 21, 2001 9:15 AM
Yeah, when I last went on a Saturday it was hell. If the lines are long at PGA, you are guaranteed not to have fun because the rides are all so short. However, now it's not as bad because summer is over. The longest lines in the park are for Stealth, Invertigo and Psycho Mouse. Psycho Mouse and Stealth have hideous capacities so the line moves very slow. Invertigo is a little better but the GP loves it so much there is usually a line.


Oh, and on Drop Zone, be sure to take the left line, as that side loads 3 seats while the other loads 2 (thanks to a horrible accident some of us may remember.)




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