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Well on the spur of the moment my family decided to take a trip to PGA, I havent been since 2002, when i stopped going yearly. After the removal of Stealth, and nothing much added since, i just havent wanted to go at all. But we all wanted to do somthing fun and even though it was on a saturday we made shure we got their early to help with some of the crowd problems.

Got into the park before 10 and the parking lot wasnt very full and wasn't filling very fast so the day got off to a good start. I decided we should go ride invertigo first and do the big rides at the back of the park early, but seeing how they still run Vortex, The carrosell and The Swings before the official opening of 10, we just had to snag a ride on Vortex.

Got the station with no wait for the back row. Man this ride takes forever to load, i guess these standups are notorious for that, people dont understand the concept and want to sit! So we finnaly rolled out and the line had already filled the small station, Forgot this little ride packs a punch! Esspecailly in the last row, nice way to start the day.

So now the park was open and we went to Invertigo, another notouriously long line. The crew here was good and we rode twice, Great ride still, but whats up with the OTSR'S being all dirty and having nasty stains on them.

We went back to Drop Zone and Physco Mouse, decided to ride Drop Zone because there was no one riding, walked on and stayed on for two rides, defently the most thrilling in the park, view is still amazing as is the drop down!

Went the the Mouse another, low capacity ride and wanted to ride because we all could ride it, My sis step dad and me love all the ride but mom doesnt like them at all and hadnt ridden yet. We convinved her to ride and i knew the turns at the top would get her! Well basicaly the whole ride she was yelling we could die ect.. but in the end i know she had a good time:) What was now a theme of the day, we just missed a big rush of people as the queue house was filling up.

Went rode Demon and Grizzly without much wait, rode Grizzly up fron because i didnt want to feel like i just had been in a fight. Grizzly isnt that bad for me doesnt do much but its a nice ride. Demon was still cool, not quite up there with the newer rides but the landscape of the ride really makes it nice. We should of rode again but wanted to convince mom to ride, and she did not agree lol. So we took the eagles flight over to the front of the park, and met up with all the crowds that a typical saturday would bring. We went to ride Top Gun, and the line was spilling way out of the queue and onto orleans place. It still moved fast though onyl about 30 minute wait. Still and fun ride! Camera's on train arent working yet though.

We went to ride Sponge Bob after that, only had to wait one show to ride. Good 3d motion ride! BUT i guess im spoiled by Disney sims a lot, if this ride had better picture quality and most of all a hell of a lot better sound, you would have a great attraction, but its not a disney or universal park, its cedar fair. Again, later on this ride had a huge line that we missed.

Had the ride Delirium after riding a similar version at SCBB. Now the park was packed and the overflow onto the midway was also affecting this ride. But the wait was still not bad only waited abotu 3 cycles. This ride is awesome, what makes it really is the forces it puts on you , a crazy feeling.

Everyone then went on Loggers run we had all four of us in a log and it was heavy and we got soaked! Nice ride different without stealth, but got nice look at BB.

Then we took a spin on Endeavor the Iverter swinging ship, this ride just had a line in the station, seemed like people would rather watch this ride then ride it, it was great! And if you have anything in your pocket it WILL fall out saw so much change raining on the water below.

Then we walked around BB to check it out, all the of the hundereds of chairs had alreay been claimed and it was crowded in there. So me and my sister changed and first we all went to the rapids which also had a wait outside the queue but moved really fast! This ride has the best queue in the park, really nice shading and landscape and it moved fast, the ride got us soaked!

So we went back to BB and the parentals found a nice spot to sit and hang out and drink beer while me and my sister went on a rampage at Jackaroo Landing, may be for kids but we saw plenty of adults and we went on ourselves and it seemed like every water gun was pointed at us and it was war on the big kids, great time! Then went up to the big slides and rode the half pipe one, it was pretty fun but of course its short and had a little wait which kinda lessens the fun a bit.

Tried out the enw lazy river which was great but because its brand new lacks lanscaping, i really liked the fact that they pumped the soundtrack to the land back there a nice trip.

So then went back and relaxed in BB pretty worn out from the day in the sun and we left at about 5 o clock.

All in all really fun day, dont know how i feel about not having Stealth around, but hopefully in the near future they will get another one. I really think BB is really for season passes, rides get old but parks like BB just dont get old as fast.

So this being my first visit in 4 years, i really like how PGA is looking. I like the addition of QTV'S Only problem is the lines that need them most dont have them, like Invertigo or Drop Zone, and the cycle only lasts about 5 minutes! It's all viacom related stuff to, so who knows what will happen in the future. I also have to gripe about the Top Gun Queue, a couple of the "scenes" were closed off , probibly because theres lot of damage. Now they have QTV's here, which doenst make any since because this is the only themed queue in nor cal lol. They had the soundtrack on the outside and indoor sound off which sucks because it really got you pumped and ready for the ride! At least they still played the dogfight soundtrack in the station and used assianged seating to make the trains full.

So I really had fun, and hope to get back to PGA in the near future!

Back from the dead!

"Would you like to buy a photo of you boys enjoying the Line Ride?"

Just like you!

I'm glad you had a good time. Having visted a lot of water parks, Boomerang Bay just doesn't do it for me. To me it feels like you'll get sunburned from the reflection off all the concrete. I guess I just prefer to keep my water parks and amusement parks separate (for the most part).

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