PGA 4-1-02, Puke, 15 people,and flying electronics

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Monday, April 1, 2002 9:06 PM
WOW what a day! PGA is my home park and I go annaually, and I have never ever been this lucky with crowds and getting to do so much! I went with my mom, sister, grandparents, 4 Aunts, and Uncles, and 5 cousins, 15 people all ranging from 3-71 years young. We basically spilt up into small groups and would meet up, 4 walkie talkies really help! SO here is a rundown of my day.

got in at about, 10:30, not crowded at all!!

Rode Top Gun First, 8-10

sat in middle after the wait was at the bottom of the station steps and had a good ride. Not as good becuase I usually sit in front, but Top Gun is always fun, but unfortinally not great anymore. ( front row might fix that!) Only got one lap, mainly becuase my grandpa threw up after!

Stelth 9.5-10

Went to Stelth, with a wait at the bottom of it's station steps. But this wait would be a good half hour! Why? 1 train! The other is not even on site, but thankfully the queue was still short, and when you get to the station the line really moves, also I really have to credit the ops, they really moved. Stelth looked like it had operated without any glicthes all day. It was real cool going up the lift, and going through the horshoe, spotting my uncle and waving at him, he is from so cal, and was blown away by the ride! The first flying part is probibly the only mildly scary part of the ride, you can't feel real safe on that part when you don't hold on, but the second flying part, and the corkscrews, you can go hand's out and fly like superman. The main thing that keeps this coaster from being perfect is not the length, but the capcity, it really sucks that you can't ride this much, or get a quick re ride becuase of capacity, but I credit PGA for doing everything they can to help this problem.

Log ride 7-10 no wait

The coaster fobes of the family met us up to ride this one, the ride goes primarly around Stelth, and then clims a hill and does a few turns at the top before a 60ft, drop with a hump in the middle. I was really surpized hwo good this was! It was moving really fast, but I which we could of seen Stelth fly over head If they added some senery, maybe some fountains it would be awesome, but no reason or possibility of doing that becuase of Stelth. I love family rides like this that give you a nice cleansing. The on ride photo is great to.

Pyscho Mouse 8-10 10 minute wait

My young cousin has to been this ride's biggest fan. This was my second mouse and a good one, the first hairpin is real nice, second, not as good, and then your used to it so the fear is gone a little. It's preety long and the family can defently get a load of it. The On ride photo is great, becuase of the mild nature of the ride you can really make a fun pic, in my cousin and I's case, falling asleep

Drop Zone 10/10 15 minutes
Moving right over to the all powerful Drop Zone.

A short wait for a great ride, my uncle talked me out of going left, when the queue spilt, the left side faces the park more, but he made a good point, that you won't care about a view of the park when your up there! I presume the Drop Zone, theme song, is playing in the queue to really get ya fired up, we boarded facing the right over looking mountain, bone yard, employelot, Pyscho Mouse and Picnice area, man theres alot of room to expand! Before I rode, my cousin and I counted, that once at the top, you would hang for 15 seconds, and 4 cylces of people were consistant to that. It really sucks that only 4 of the 6 elevators were working, but it didn't affect us much. So now, were finnaly are at the top, and what does my uncle do? Take out the walkie talking and get my other uncle and the rest of our family to hear us scream all the way down, he got ahold of him just as we were about to drop and I knew it provided a good laugh for the other 12 memebers of our family at the food court. Wow I had no idea this would be good! I had my eyes closed at the very top, just waiting to go down, but when we started moving I opended em up and quickly enjoyed watching the Earth fall to the ground! It seems so long when your on the ride! Thats what really made this great, the speed and forces felt like they would rip me in 2! It feels like your gonna fall forever! But obiously you don't Great ride and my new favorite ride ever! Then we ate lunch at the food court, and some how I lost my cell phone, I found out it wasn't on drop zone, so I filed a report to guest relations and they were very nice, and their was an areial view of PGA kinda like Terra sever, but in color, much more high qaulity, and very recent. Hopefully I'll get a call from PGA saying they have my phone. My grand parents stayed and hung out at the food court, and me and my cousin took 2 spins on

Demon 7-10

Too bad it doesn't thrill me as much anymore, it had a 0-1 train wait, and the ops still worked hard and ran 2 trains, I even got to take a spin on what I think was a new train, it at least had new OTSR's. They don't help though, if your short your gonna get muderded in the twin loops. I still like the ride, but it's tough re riding it. The tunnel right before the corkscrews is the best headchopper effect I have been on, and thankfully the lights in the first and second tunnel work! Oh right! The front row is also cool, and for us tall guys, there's a ton of leg room!

Grizzly 8-10 Suprize of the day! ( 5 minute wait)

I have previously stayed away from this coaster for obious reason, and I have this one question, what is so wrong? Yeah, it tosses you around, it's heavily braked, and there's no airtime, but it's not bad! It kinda reminded me of how Colossus at SFMM runs today. The first brake after the nice first drop kills it. The roughness of the ride though is not bad at all! All you do in bounce up and down like a basketball, which is taking the form of airtime! It really fells like airtime! I was laughing at this hard! My 6 year old cousin, 2 inches to short to ride, put her hair up and got on! I didn't want my aunt and uncle to let her on, but she went on anyway, and looked very scared once on, she said she didn't like the ride, but she was all smiles afterwards! Go figure! The Lap bars and seat belts, also don't even come near your lap, so there is defently no stapling on this ride. I really think the reason I liked it was though, was that its accually not short as every coaster at PGA is. SO that helped it alot, but still the surprize of the day!

Vortex 7-10 15 minute wait
Vortex is always one of the rides I love to do, scence I rode in the front last year, I really found this ride enjoyible, the capacity and screw are great, making this line really move. It's got to be the roughest B&M out there, but it's not near uncomforible.

Celebration Swings 7-10
Not as good as the Swings at DCA, but that's expected. I which the cycle were longer, but still a good cool down ride.

Now I met up with the rest of my family at the river rapid water cannon area, they were having a great time soaking people and waiting for my uncle and 2 of my cousins to come by. My aunt of course came prepared with 4 dollars worth of quaters! ( 25 cents 3 blasts) Those cannon's really nail ya to. One shots strait up, and the other not as high, on the other side 2 shoot more in a rain bow shape and absoultly soak people, and riders usually don't expect them. Whem My uncle came by all hell broke loose we started yelling out and every one herd us and all launched their cannons, neddless to say, they were drenched!

Greezed' Lightnin' 7-10

2 quick no wait ride near the front of the train gave me a nice dose of Anton S for the day. I love the new sign, and I can't believe how the ride accually sitcks out now, but still no one rides it

I did the new Metor attack simualtion ride in the Paramount FX theater, it was right along side 7th portal. Unforinally it wasn't in 3d! I also noticed how Paramount is gonna shovel this ride out of here quick, 7th Portal has a huge banner in the front of the building, it's own theming props and preshow and the Metor attack side had Paramount action FX theater theming, along with a pre show that is not about the ride, it's about the action fx. ( which featured Collossus at SFMM!) There was no sound, and a banner said, " Now playing meteor attack!" My aunt shared my dismay at how long you have to wait for these rides, you watch the pre show about 5-6 times at least! ( stopped counting) I thought it was funny becuase the preshow when ti started said, " 2 minutes" then it counted down, and updated every 30 seconds. and did a 10 second count down ( keep in mind there was no audio.) We would watch it, then watch the screen go black, and the film start agian! When we stpeed inside the theater, several seats were roped off, and why didn't they take care of this in the winter? I also noticed how the ride didn't have a theme song and Ricky Martin's "Cup of Life" and other noticible songs were playing. Anyway, the ride started and its defenintly a fully animated ride, were your in a space ship, and then Something goes horribly wrong! ( what a suprize) The graffics were accually real good, and at the end 3d could of been used real good, an alien jumps on you, but it 's not scary at all beucase he's just on the screen! But it was cool becuase all of my family got to ride and my grandma, who rarely does rides, really liked it! So that made me feel real good. 6/10 P.S. who made this ride? I pressume Paramount.

Invertgo 9-10

When we originally queue'd up, the ride got stuck on the second lift, which is not comfy at all for riders with thier back's to the lift. So we left, and as we were walking along the midway, I started waving and a person waved back, I started smiling and bowed to him like " We're not worthy" and I could see it made him smile, anything to brightin him up, I saw the mechanics at the top, and a PGA suite walk by quickly with a walkie talkie, so later while walking by, we cought the ride just opening up and got a rare 3 train wait. This ride dispatches so slow! It was fun me and my uncle facing each other, and the ride shure is fast and intense!

Round 2 for Stelth, 9.5-10 30-45 minute wait

the wait was a little longer this time, going a little beyond the steps, and it really swelled out into the queue when we were about to ride. We chose to ride near the front of the train, and we made it up to the station real alot faster than the people who were waiting for the back, but the station wait was painfully slow, so me and my cousins looked around, and hoped under the bar to ride in the back of the train, peole around us thought it was a good idea and I think it is to! The ride was just like morning, still great All 15
Me and my 2 Uncles had a mini white water falls ( chute the chutes marathon! The ops were great letting us stay on for 3 rides in a row, and when a few people would be at the station, they would just come on in a join us! Didn't get us real wet and felt like taking a bath!
My whole familiy did the Sky tower and Carosell together and called it a day going to the near by, Romano's Macoroni Grill and enjoying fine Italian cusine ending an incredible day.

PGA was really shining today, and if they find my phone I will love them even more! The park was extrmely clean and the staff was great! And in 10 hours I'll be at SFMW! Thanks for particiapting in the marathon of reading this post! So Long!

BTW, the new Ham on Rye should be done by this weekend I am almost possitive it is going to be called "Cyber Sez" and is located back by Invertigo. I took a peak inside and work was going on, looks like all the rest!

*** This post was edited by Todd on 4/2/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by Todd on 4/2/2002. ***

Monday, April 1, 2002 9:25 PM
Also, the brand new KMG Afterburner, Delirium was down today. Centerfuge from what I saw was also down, but Deliurium was only ride posted, I hope Delirum hasn't broke, I kinda have a feeling it might have been a staffing issue sence Delirum hasn't even been on site for much more than a month, and there aren't many authorized ops. Probly a bug, the mechanics are going to make shure they get worked out, but no big deal.

So what is better? SFMM or CP? I don't care! They both have 29 coasters between them that they build so we can have a good time!

Monday, April 1, 2002 10:04 PM

Just a note, Delirium is a Chance Revolution, not a KMG Afterburner (they are basically the same ride).

I had a chance to ride Delirium at the Double The Fun 2002 event. Definitely my new favorite flat ride... its unfortunate that you didn't have the chance to ride it.

"Psycho Mouse - My young cousin has to been this ride's biggest fan."

Actually, I think I am the ride's biggest fan! ;)


Tuesday, April 2, 2002 1:50 PM
You closed your eyes? Shame on you! ;)
You are bold, but are you also...daring?
Tuesday, April 2, 2002 6:28 PM
I'm trying to go easier on people about their spelling, but, you misspelled Stealth everytime you typed it. -------------
The word "definitely" is definitely the most misspelled word on the buzz.
Wednesday, April 3, 2002 9:00 PM
Todd, glad you had a great day! I will be making my first appearance at PGA in July. The other Great America is my home park, so it'll be nice to see its sister for once! I am really looking forward to Delirium, and my beloved Tidal Wave (we lost ours 10 years ago), which has a special anniversary event July 8th! I sure wish I could have made it out there long ago when the Triple Wheel and older rides were there.
Brad Sherman
Don't.....look.....back! The Headless Horseman awaits you in 2002!
Model coasters and rides
Thursday, April 4, 2002 8:00 PM
Yeah, My grandparents, Aunt's and uncles went to it alot when it was Marriot's infact, they still call it that! But I think Invertigo is better than triple weel, even though that was a classic!
Remember when you go try to get thier at opening, Do Stelth, Invertigo, Drop ZOne and Pyscho Mouse in that order, even though when your passing Drop ZOne on the way to Invertigo it won't seem to make sence. If your going to do the FX theater( 7th Portal Meteor attack) do it then. You will have fun I think PGA is very underrated!
So what is better? SFMM or CP? I don't care! They both have 29 coasters between them that they build so we can have a good time!

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