Petition pressuring Six Flags Discovery Kingdom about killer whale

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I am not sure what I think about this. My immediate thought was "get a life lady," but after reading a little more of the article I kind of agreed with some of the points. Is it a valid reaction to both agree with some her argument AND think she needs to get a life?


Edit: My get a "get a life lady" stance has become even more prevalent since coming across this video:


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Now this argument I can get on board with. I always wondered if SF had a plan to find another Orca for Shouka. I wonder if they have tried purchasing one from Sea World?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

When the Orca died back in the early 2000s, heard that Gary Story went to Sea World right away with an open check book and was told no. The reason given was because the San Antonio parks were in competition. Not sure how factual that is or if it even makes sense being the park in need was in Vallejo, far from any Sea World park. But it could have been that they were competing park chains, or possibly just that Gary Story pissed a lot of people off.

More than likely it's because he pissed a whole lot of people off.........

There were multiple reasons why Six Flags never were loaned whales from Sea World. The 100% truth is that August Busch III never wanted to relinquish the monopoly HBJ had built around the whales. By the time HBJ became Sea World, Inc., and sold to BE, Shamu was the #1 identified persona behind Mickey Mouse. I once heard a speech in college that Shamu was #1, which I could not accept, as the mouse was in Europe and Japan, but they can say what they want.

I highly doubt today if current Sea World management would sell, loan, rent, etc. their whales. Sea World is dealing with a cloudy gene pool, and several have died, mis-carried, etc, recently, and they need to spread the love for a biological stand point, but its an industry known conversation that these are two companies that will not co-operate. However, I could see two scenarios unfolding:

Sea World buys SFDK and gets Shouka. Shouka tells the other whales how nice Sea World Ohio was, and the other whales get pissed off like all of us when the park closed.

Sea World buys Fiesta Texas, and SF gets to pick some gigalo whales in the trade.

These are outlandish thoughts at 1:30 am, but they keep Tilikum because he is an outsider, and sires many a calf on a regular basis. His genes are swimming, so to speak.

Current US law forbids capture of any whale, unless its stranded, injured, Jaws gets loose from Universal and chases one to SFDK, but for now Shouka will have wait.

However, if memory serves, Shouka came from France, and the park is owned by Palace's owner, Parques Reunidos. Palace has Sea Life Park in Hawaii. I once said to some Palace heirarchy that parks needs a whale. Not sure whay the only major gated park in Hawaii was a loss-leader, but maybe Palace will repo Shouka and send her home, or she will win that long sought vacation to Hawaii.

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