PETA sues federal agency for release of SeaWorld necropsy results

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Animal advocates are suing the federal government over necropsy reports for three orca whales who died at SeaWorld venues. After Tilikum's death, animal advocates said SeaWorld was required to submit the whale's necropsy (animal autopsy) and veterinary records to the National Marine Fisheries Service under federal law. But SeaWorld argued it didn't need to release the necropsy because it already complied with the law by releasing Tilikum's cause of death.

Read more from Orlando Weekly.

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Article is a good read (I'm really impressed with the writing at Orlando Weekly). I don't think they have any standing, because the law is what it is.

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Who is “they”? You saying PETA has no standing? I guess it’s kinda interesting that SeaWorld refuses to release the report (but only if they are REQUIRED to) because it looks like they are hiding something.

Disclaimer: I’m an advocate of SeaWorld. I’ve enjoyed every visit we’ve made to the Orlando park (never been to another one). I’m not slamming them out of some agenda.

Edit: Just read the article. I don’t see how SeaWorld is right on this one.

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But then again, what do I know?

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SeaWorld isn't the one being sued. They did the reporting that they were obligated to do to a federal agency that has no obligation to act further on the report.

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It says SeaWorld is required to submit vet records and necropsy reports to such and such authorities. They didn’t submit those records, instead just telling the authorities the cause of death.

So if I’m required to submit W2s, receipts, etc to file my taxes and instead just decide to tell the IRS that I’m due a refund of $12,000, I’m good to go? Because I didn’t give them the records they require, but hey, here’s the end result.

Also I have no idea why PETA is suing the government... That doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense. They aren’t the ones not following the law.

But then again, what do I know?

The government agrees with Sea World's position, so I would assume PETA is suing the government for failing to enforce the law as written. PETA would petition the government for access to the records. Sea World has no obligation to release the records directly to PETA, so why sue Sea World?

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