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So now that the U.S. Supreme Court has stated that same sex marriage is now valid I have thought of the perfect honeymoon trip... Spending a time in Europe visiting all the European theme parks while stopping in romantic spots like Milan, Paris, The Cote D'Azur, Athens, Lisbon. What better way to enjoy a honeymoon than being all over Europe and riding coasters like Katun, Dragon Khan, Shambalah, Nemesis, and Rita. And more importantly, doing it knowing that your marriage is now sanctioned and legal in your home country. And just in time for Gay Pride. Life is good today. Everyone have a blessed weekend.

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Does this mean Cedar Point can host gay zombie weddings now?

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I know this probably doesn't make sense in our social circle here, but the idea of going to amusement parks on my honeymoon is so completely strange. I know that makes me seem a little hipster and douchey, but as much as I love roller coasters, there isn't anything particularly more interesting or special about one in another country over what's here in the US. The history, culture, environment... that's a different story.

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I agree. I ain't going on a honeymoon anytime soon and probably never will. But when I was engaged many years ago, around the time I was just getting into this hobby, my fiancee and I discussed where we might go. Amusement parks were not even considered. She liked them, I liked them, but it wouldn't have been where we wanted to spend the first days of our life together. Now? Unless my lady was as big a fan as I am and really wanted to, I couldn't see it happening. A honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime thing (ideally)...we can always go to an amusement park and ride a roller coaster.

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To each their own. I wouldn't choose an amusement park tour as a honeymoon (though I might want to include a park if we're going to be nearby).

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I'm not getting married period but I probably wouldn't want a theme park honeymoon. And when traveling abroad, it isn't all about coaster but I will definitely hit up Parks in Europe and Asia whilst there.

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We did our honeymoon at Disney, and it was a lot of fun. My husband's an artist and loves Nightmare Before Christmas and a lot of other movies from Disney, and I'm a theme park junkie. It worked for us.

Congratulations on the huge step in equality to all my LGBT friends. What a wonderful day, especially because I know that somewhere Regulus's head just exploded. ;)

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I think Coasterhound36's idea of a honeymoon sounds perfect. In fact, I've proposed to him many, many times, but for some reason I never get a response.

Really, the ideal honeymoon is what's perfect for the couple. A European coaster trip may seem silly, even to some here, but if both parties are coaster/park nuts (which rarely happens it seems...) then they could have the time of their lives and it would be the trip they'll always remember. Why not?

I could talk my once-a-year-park-visiting partner into it but, as most of our vacations go, it would include things for him too. We always seek out the public gardens and conservatories on our trips for him and he always asks if an amusement park is close so I'm indulged as well. It works out.
And lord knows Europe has enough to offer for just about anybody.

And thanks, Bunk. It's a great day. I never thought I would see it in my lifetime. I most love the notion that gay marriage, same sex marriage, redefined marriage, (or whatever they've ever tried to call it) officially went away today. Now all we have is marriage.

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Dave and I hit up quite a few amusement parks on our honeymoon. We also did a couple baseball games and stopped by Charlotte Motor Speedway. It wasn't strange at all to us. It was a lot of fun.

And being married and all, we get to travel together as a married couple wherever we want, just about whenever we want for the rest of our lives, amusement parks or not. I'm grateful and overjoyed that everyone else who wants that can do the same. Great day indeed.

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The Mrs. and I also did the Disney Cruise / Park Combo for our Honeymoon. It was quite a few years ago, but we both had a nice time and enjoyed almost everything together.

(I proposed on Great Adventure Big Wheel. I tried to get down on one knee and she was panicking "STOP ROCKING THE CAR!)

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Jeff said:

there isn't anything particularly more interesting or special about one in another country over what's here in the US.

It's interesting that you feel that way.

If I'd grown up in the US there are a whole series of coasters that I'd travel internationally for, including but not limited to:

- Gravity Max
- Olympia Looping
- Steel Dragon 2000
- Any of the Wooden Wild Mice

Different strokes for different folks, I guess?

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I can't explain your travel habits, but it's definitely part of your charm. :)

I wasn't suggesting anyone had to roll like I do, only offering my angle. Honestly, it's the same line of thinking that probably stalled out my overall coaster count under 200... it just felt kind of like I had been there before. It could have something to do with living much of my adult life in Ohio, where frankly we've been spoiled with variety and a fair amount of quality within driving distance.

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Disney doesn't count when talking about not going to amusement parks for your honeymoon. Disney is a great vacation spot no matter what, and the amount of celebration you get for your honeymoon is above and beyond anywhere else.

I never really thought about amusement parks for a honeymoon bit I did end up at Cedar Point on my wedding day. It wasn't until I got weird looks years later talking about it that I realized it was odd. We were just after old time photos and had gotten married down the street so it seemed like a reasonable thing to do. I hadn't planned on ending up on Gemini in my wedding dress, that just sort of happened....

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^ That there, is Rock & Roll!

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Yes, there are plenty of things I would like to see here in the U.S.. But, if we could have flipped the bill, would have done a big trip overseas going to parks among other things. It is supposed to be a memorable occasion. As long as you both are going to do things that you love, go for it.

After getting married at Holiday World, we started our honeymoon at Kentucky Kingdom, before heading down to Pigeon Forge for a week.

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To each their own, but in traveling to Europe a few times, I can honestly say going to an amusement park never even crossed my mind. There is such a rich spectrum of things to do and see on a European trip that going to parks just doesn't seem like good use of my time.

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I've mentioned this before but whenever I travel overseas (or anywhere) I always look up the parks nearby, but unless something is very convenient and has unique attractions, I won't go out of my way for it. We spent a day in Hong King (0 kids) and opted for Disney which we had been to before over Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (new and looks awesome) or Ocean Park because of convenince. I am currently about 30 minutes from a different Chimelong Park in GuangZhou and even though we have a week here, toting a 2 year old to and from just seems like it's asking for trouble. We're happy to explore the cultural sights, parks, and shopping that's within walking distance. Now, next time when the kids are older, (and when my Chinese is better) We may venture out there, but we typically prioritize things you can't see ib America over slight variations of rides that exist in America.

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