People Powered Coaster

Sunday, March 18, 2007 1:24 AM
Check this out:

Looks like it has a great view. I don't think I would call it a coaster though.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 1:41 AM
Legoland and Morey's both have *similar* people-powered rides...I suckered both times, LOL.

As if I didn't get enough exercise walking from the car to the gate... ;~P

Sunday, March 18, 2007 2:10 AM
"Steps...why did it have to be steps?"
Sunday, March 18, 2007 4:13 AM
Yeah, WAY too much work, like those paddle boats. ;)


Sunday, March 18, 2007 9:25 AM
It would be better if it went up and down, and not just a tall level track.
Sunday, March 18, 2007 10:22 AM
If you look at the pictures, it does.
*never mind. It doesn't. Stupid white track making me think it was one big coaster... I need to pay more attention after I've had some time to wake up more. *** Edited 3/18/2007 2:23:14 PM UTC by joe.***
Sunday, March 18, 2007 1:34 PM
Part of the quote says "the future of the green amusement park".

Well at least that explains why it looks like such a stupid idea.

Sunday, March 18, 2007 2:36 PM
I enjoyed the one I rode at Morey's. They actually have two--a standard one and a suspended one. It's a nice change of pace. I bet it's very popular with children, as it's user controlled like antique cars, although more akin to Flinstone style cars. ;)
Sunday, March 18, 2007 4:32 PM
It doesn't count as a coaster...'s powered! :)


Sunday, March 18, 2007 6:49 PM

Coasterkid200 said:
It would be better if it went up and down, and not just a tall level track.

Would you want to peddle that thing uphill?

Personally, I'd like to see a loop ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2007 9:40 PM
All I know is, I want to be there to watch when they put an inversion on one of those things. ;)
Sunday, March 18, 2007 10:53 PM
Correct me if im wrong but didn't Japan also have a rollercoaster or something, that people actually did power. I think there were pictures of it a while back, but i cant remember. Maybe it was a fake picture.

Anyhow this ride goes back to throwback eras, of the old scenic railways with people actually doing something to make the ride run, ie the ride attendants used to have to push the old cars on the scenic railways to the top by hand. Thankfully we have moved on nicely.

Monday, March 19, 2007 12:00 PM
That thing would scare the crap out of me. If I'm that high up, I want speed.
Looks cool though.
Monday, March 19, 2007 1:19 PM
In related news:

In a effort to help cut down on the amount of breakdowns that Cedar Point has with Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Fair will soon announce that they plan to switch over to a new pedal powered launch system.

Since CF now owns the Paramount park chain, it will be acceptable for all the riders to scream out;

YABA DABA DOO! as their launch starts.

Monday, March 19, 2007 1:23 PM
We call that a cycle monorail in the UK?

Flamingo Land and Gulliver's Warrington have one.


Monday, March 19, 2007 2:27 PM
Oh boy coasterphan, you'd need a LOT of people to get 5 tons over a 420 ft hill.
Monday, March 19, 2007 2:51 PM
. . . or an even greater number of hamsters.
Monday, March 19, 2007 3:10 PM
Yes, but with hamsters, you'd have more of a mess. Plus the hamster chow along would be worth a preety penny per year.

Heck, if you want REAL power, use fugtaives being chased by cops.

Monday, March 19, 2007 3:16 PM
10,000 Horse Power, right? How much Hamster power is that?
Monday, March 19, 2007 3:26 PM
100,000 hamster power, I guess. You could half that if you use guinea pigs.

Heck, instead of stupid prizes for games, you could in HAMSTERS!


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