Penguin Trek roller coaster opens at SeaWorld Orlando

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SeaWorld Orlando opened its new Penguin Trek roller coaster. The 3,020-foot B&M ride reaches 43 mph and a height of 65 feet.

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I gotta say, this ride surprised me a lot. This is a genuine family ride without being at all dull. There are no dead spots once you leave the building (there's a fairly long "trek" inside). The launches are brief but fast. The seats are comfortable, kind of deep, which is why I suspect they can accommodate 42". I imagine that enthusiasts will be indifferent about it, but I'd describe it as a more aggressive Slinky Dog Dash. It fits between the big coasters and the Sesame Street stuff, but closer to the big coasters.

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I thought the coaster was a lot of fun and was really needed. I know Ice Breaker was considered more for families than the other thrill coasters but was still too much for some who don't like going backwards. The air conditioned queue and station was also great to see especially with this summer being so brutal. It's a coaster I could see riding when I want to take a break from the more thrilling rides.

The only thing I hope they change is the exit procedure. During the first day of previews, they were allowing anyone who didn't want to wait to see the penguins to go out the emergency exit door. Now they are requiring everyone to wait in line after the ride to see the penguins and it is taking as much as 15 to 25 minutes to exit the building depending on the crowd levels.

There've been a few tweets suggesting that there's a requirement for those exiting the coaster to wait in line for the Penguin exhibit – and that leaving is not allowed. If that's true, it's bizarre.

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It reminds me a lot of Big Bear Mountain at Dollywood, which was a lot of fun. Now that I'm getting older, I prefer these kind of coasters. I don't need my face to be ripped off in order to have fun anymore.

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Yeah, I was thinking about the Dollywood ride relative to this one. Penguin Trek is built above other stuff, including itself, because they can't stretch out over terrain. Similar stats though, except for the length.

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And Phoenix Rising finally has an opening date of the 14th, speaking of Dollywood I wonder how the B&M baby invert will compare to the Vekoma, cause thats the ride at Wildwood I wanted to be longer.

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Wow! That actually looks a lot longer and more exciting than I though it would be. I hope to get down there to ride it before my funcard expires in November, haha.

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