Pedro's & Blue Diamond Amusement Park ! 8/3/07

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On our way home from Florida we decided to stop by Pedro's in South Carolina to get the credit on the wild mouse we saw sitting there on the way down. We arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon and drove through the quiet village resembling Mexico. We drove over to the mouse only to find a sign that stated rides open at 3. We didn't have time to wait so we left. No credit for us at Pedro's.

On the way home we also decided to stop at Blue Diamond to ride Blue Diamond Streak. After hitting traffic in DC and entering Delaware we arrived around 9:50 with 10 mins to spare.

Blue Diamond Streak was a decent coaster. It was smooth and had some nice airtime. I love the feel of these Zyklon models so all was well. Overall 7/10.

They also have a Dragon Wagon here but we didn't have time to try it since we needed to get back to NJ and the park was closing. Overall Blue Diamond looks like a decent little park and Pedro's looks like fun if we had time to check out the city. Blue Diamond Streak also ended up being my 249th coaster. I really need to find one more new one this year. Till next time!

I think the Wild Mouse at South of the Border has been SBNO for years now. I have never seen it running in all the times I have driven past the park since around 2004 or so.
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^Yeah, Pedro's Mouse has been SBNO for quite awhile....the last time I stopped by, there were three employees playing miniature golf, ALONE, in that area. Said they didn't remember the last time the mouse ran. I remember one REALLY cool flat being at Pedro's too...well, one I'd never seen anywhere else.

Drove in the area of Blue Diamond myself last year after leaving the family on MD's Eastern Shore...but I had to catch a flight out of Philly, couldn't even wander off 896/95 to get TO the park.

Well I guess it's a good thing we didn't stick around until it opened then because I have to admit being the credit whore I am I thought about it.

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