PCW still the flat-rides capital of N. America..

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I'm leaving ACE, signing up with (or starting myself if necessary) a new club....we need more clubs... ;)

Welcome to "American Flatride Enthusiasts"!

Sledgehammer (Huss Jump 2) might have been even better than I remember, Psyclone (Mondial's version of Delirium/MaXxAIR) was plain NUTS. Seemed to have perfect seats for maximum g's on EVERY swing....then the second ride weas BETTER...wow!

Mondial TopScan...Adventureland's may be RIP, but Canada's ain't....it's kicking BUTT. Even better than the one we had in the States, and the outside seats deliver like nothing else. MIGHT be better than my baby the Jump2. I hate admitting that, and WILL get teased for saying so...;)

Cliffhanger (Mondial Splashover) was nice, glad I got to ride this time (water effects off, yay...it was TOO cold), and while it had LOADS of swing-power, the flips were...lacking. I think we actually flipped OVER once...maybe twice at most....hard to tell when you're extra-disoriented from having another set of seats flying so close to you...hehe.

Yeah, there was coasters, ACE doesn't get ERTs on flats much....might wanna start looking into that... ;)

PCW, thanks to EVERYONE, you guys are the greatest....and a special shout-out to Nancy C. - give that woman a raise or something!

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So did you sneak over to Goliath yet, Gator? ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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It was *tempting*...but snce everyone else in our group was scoring credits all day...meh.

If LaRonde's is anything remotely CLOSE to SFoG's, it's a winner of...."goliath"...proportions.

PCW is an Intamin and/or Goliath-style hypercoaster, and one Anton, away from being my favoritest big park. As it is, there's an incredible array of mediocre coasters and AMAZING flats...as far as diveristy of offerings, it's "as good as it gets". (Helen Hunt reference, couldn't come up with any Canadian actresses I find hot.)... ;)

Since we are talking about flats here, how many would be interested in a website devoted to flat (mainly thrill) rides? Pictures, discussion, links to the foreign thrill websites (plenty in Germany), ride description and what it does, how long ect.... Does anyone know of a website like what is described above that is mainly for US/North America rides?
They need a rcdb type website for flats that would be cool.


^They've already got one called the flat joint.
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Gator - I think a better club name would be the American Flat Ride Organization ;)

mOOSH [read it again...you'll get it!]

^lol! (We really need a laughing smilie ;))
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Sledgehammer was......freaky. I loved it! I do admit PCW has some insane flat rides. Too bad most of their coasters suck. ;-)


I think the flat joint/flatrides.com is mainly for traveling fair rides, and coaster image really only breifly covers flat rides at parks, but does provide some nice pics.

I would like to combine these ideas and have a flat rides database, similar to rcdb, giving a good discription of the ride and what it does, some nice pictures showing the ride in loading, operating, and with people on it!, and saying where the ride is fixed, or if portable with what ride company.

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Great idea...do it! ;)

mOOSH [official AFRO member #2]

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Well, the Coasterimage link is my sig, not meant to be an example. :)

The Flat Joint pretty much has everything you mentioned (traveling and fixed rides, pics and even some location info) but not a full fledged location database.

Not sure where you got the idea that it just covers traveling rides. Was there a ride in particular you didn't see?

As far as a site like that, it's been mentioned by many over the years but never really comes together. I imagine interest would be relatively limited and it would be an almost ridiculous undertaking. RCDB covers coasters...period. That excludes many parks right off the bat. On top of that parks don't generally have a dozen (or two or three dozen) coasters. Parks have many more flats than coasters. That's a lot of info to put together. (for example, just try to get the info on every Musik Express in the US - let alone the world) and you're looking at a hell of an undertaking. Now do that for every flat ride that has, does or will exist. Seems like a ton of work.

Then there's the issue of keeping it updated an current. Bah!

Honestly, I think it's one of those ideas that sounds good on paper and might even make a lot of sense, but once the actual work begins, the sheer size of the project becomes clear.

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...which is exactly why I encouraged coasterb to move ahead with the site ;) Frankly I think what Adam has done with Flatrides.com is sufficient.
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I'm trying to be helpful, not evil and sexy. ;)

Yeah, Flat Joint seems like the perfect balance of invested time and info available vs the interest in such a thing.

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I knew that, Gonch. It's just that I suspected the sarcarsm in my "Sounds great...do it!" post would go over most people's heads. IMHO if someone has the knowledge and know-how to build a website then by all means don't complain the one you want doesn't exist - build it yourself. I admit I do not know if coasterb has that ability.

And you are evil and sexy even when you aren't trying. That's why you have such a fan club [with me as pres, natch] ;)


nope, not much website building skill here, but I have a friend who would probably be willing to help with the technical stuff. I am a public librarian who is good with information. Yes, I realize that kind of project would be very difficult to keep up with and be a huge project, but it would be nice. I didn't notice the alphabetical ride list on coasterimage until this last visit. Where was that before!! Should I get something started, I would probably start with a particular geographic (state) area and keep building. It could be text only for the first couple years, or if I get a volunteer to help with pictures. Then I have to think of a place for the website and how much space those pictures will take. Maybe I should start a new thread and find out what else this size project would involve and get some advise. What kind of data should be included, how should it be organized etc... Thanks mOOSH for the encouragement.
I found one! I don't think Jeff would be happy if I mentioned the site though, It has similar features to this website.
An FRDB site is already in the works... lol.
Glad to hear it, please let me know if I can assist with data collecting or anything else. Also, when it is live!

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