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Sunday, June 1, 2003 2:25 PM
Recently my friend and I took our first trip of the year to Paramount Canadas Wonderland. You must forgive the format as I really can't remember the order of which we went cuz it's been almost a week. I will give the good points which you need to know.

After ariving at the park we stood in line before the gates opened so that we could head to Huss's new giant Sledge Hammer. Gates opened and we were off...but wait...Sledge Hammer wasn't opened. The ride op at the front gate told us that they were still doing morning checks and all that. During the checks we watched in awe as this mammoth rose and drop like a bat out of hell. We decided to take a ride on Psyclone as Sledge Hammer made its morning tests.

Psyclone is another toy out of Huss's giant toy shop. Boy does this ride pack a punch. For something that seems so simple its amazing the effect this ride has on your body. Running as smoth as ever this is easily one of my favorite rides EVER. 5/5

We headed back to Sledge Hammer and it was still down. Talked to the ride op and got some interesting news. There is some clearing going on behind the new mamoth, so we asked him about it. Apparantly whatever they are getting next year will be going right behind Sledge Hammer and Psyclone. My guess is either A) they could be moving Drop Zone over there seeing as that would be a great addition in "Action Zone" or b) probably a better guess would be another ride out of Huss's toy box, perhaps Delirum. Either way I think something is better then nothing LOL. He also mentioned that he too has heard the 2005 rumor of a Mega/Hyper coaster. Time wil tell I guess.

Now for the next bit of the repot I am just going to list rides and reviews cause I really can't remember the order.

Great Canadian Mindbuster: Running as great as ever. Still one of my favorite coasters I've ridden. Great first drop, great airtime, and with the addition of going through Splash Works, the new head choppers are amazing. The final helix in the tunnel is still as intense as ever. 5/5

White Water Canyon: Just took a stool on this as it was a walk-on line. Great raft ride, didn't get too wet though thankfully as it was a bit chilly out. 4/5

Sponge Bob Square Pants 3d: This quirky little film about how to make the perfect patty is one of my favorite 3d films wonderland has had yet. Animation is amazind, 3d effects top notch, and hey the show wasn't too bad. LOL 5/5

The Bat: Well what can be said about this ride. Its your normal everyday boomerang coaster. I gotta say, at first the concept of this ride was great. After watching the ride have a slight valley after the 3rd loop and before the incline earlier in the day. I thougth what the heck, I'll try it. Its my love of coasters that makes me take risks like this. Upon departure of the station I noticed one consistant theme throughout the park, all the coasters, this one especially, could use a thorough repainting. I hate this ride, I really do, and seeing how ugly and rundown it was didn't help either. 2/5

Shockwave: How can i put this ride into words. Quite simply for me, its my favorite ride in the park. From the first time I rode it to now I fell in love with it. It spins you every which way and with its closeness to The Fly adds a great sense of danger to it. 6/5. YES, its THAT good.

Wild Beast: Another great woodie...Great little coaster. Another must ride. Not too rough, only complaint, too short. Wish there was more of this ride. 4/5

Drop Zone: Your normal drop tower. This offers such an amazing view of the surronding area. As always the first drop is unexpected. I can't belive after all this time the ride STILL scares the living crap out of me. 4/5

Sledge Hammer: I got to ride this ride 3 times today. Line was basically walk on, which I found rather odd for a new ride. Maybe its too scary looking for people, I don't know. I will try to explain this ride as best as possible. Sitting in gondals that fit 8 people each, the gondala spins, as the arms holding the gondals spin as well (6 arms total). As they spin out of nowhere you are launched 70ft into the air. Then out of nowhere you plummed all the way back down. After another few seconds of spinning you are launched back in the air. Then you are dropped half way down and stop, then the other half. Then for the grande finale you are launched all the way up in the air and without hesitation dropped back down. All three times I rode this ride I came off thinking how unique this ride is. One thing that sucks about it is if you don't keep your head back, upon launching upwards you head slams HARD agains the shoulder restraints. I'd advise anyone with earings to remove them just like on Top Gun. My final thought of this ride is its a great addition to the park and is a great site to see in person. 4/5

Top Gun: Typical SLC clone. Rough, fast, painful, fun. In that order too. I love the theming of the line but other then that, there's not much I can say good about this ride. Its still too rough for my liking. 3/5

Cliffhanger: Man I love this top spin. Two seperate rows that spin independtly. Several programs available for the operater to choose from. In the summertime when the water is on is the best time to ride this. You litterally get soaked on this ride with the water on. I love this ride plain and simple. 5/5

Dragon Fyre: Simple two loop, two corkscrew layout. This ride is a classic and almost never has a line anymore. Nice little ride, great first looping coasters for the kids when they are tall enough. 3.5/5

The Fly: Great little mouse ride. Tight turns, great drops, great speed, good ride. Great for a family. 4/5

We opted not to go on Skyrider just because we've never really liked this ride, and Vortex we just skipped for no reason, guess we just forgot. A great day at the park and I cant wait to get back there. Hopefully I will be able to put my video online soon once I finish it. When I do I will be in touch. Till then, enjoy.

Joshua McLachlan


Sunday, June 1, 2003 2:51 PM
Great trip report! But just a note, believe it or not, Psyclone is actually built by Mondial, and is the "first Mondial Revolution ever". Sledgehammer (New For '03) is the first Huss Ride the park has installed in many years.

As well, I also noted the "land clearing". Maybe for 2004, or maybe for 2005...

Sunday, June 1, 2003 4:06 PM
BullGuy's avatar This park has great atmosphere, and easily the most impressive collection of flats. I haven't been up there this year, but last year this park was dead on with PKI for me. I can't wait to visit again.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.


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