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The ninth and sixteenth were both Fridays. Both dates the park was open from ten a.m. till eight p.m.

I was working away at work on the ninth say around noon hour thinking about behemoth. I was wondering if I would ever get over to wonderland seeing how my friends always had an excuse or reason why they could not come. Well, I asked my boss for an early dismissal from work, which was granted to me, went home, packed my camera, tripod, clothes, sunglasses and refreshments and made my way to the park. I left around one thirty in the afternoon and made it there for four. Now, the traffic was good up until the outskirts of Toronto, but then accident, delays about a half of one hour. I pulled into TD bank right outside the park to get some cash. Outside the bank I snapped these photos of behemoth.


You can see the first drop plane as day coming up the highway. This ride has some serious size to it.

I paid ten dollars to park for the day, and I wont get into it but I'm not to impressed. I think its way to much money.

Driving up to the front gate I noticed the amount of cars in attendance that day were considerably low. Short line wait is always a good thing. The other good thing was the amount of people lined up for a season pass. There must have been two hundred people easy. The second Friday my cousin and I both purchased a season pass as well and were among a least five hundred people lined up to buy one. It looks like CW is off to a great start with sales.

The teller at the ticket sales booth was also very helpful and welcoming. She informed me that anyone who is associated; customer or an employee of CAA will receive a thirty percent discount on one-day park admission tickets. Doesn't help me, but I'm sure someone out there could benefit from it. I also thought it was kind of her to share that information with me since I new nothing about it. I'm also always looking at the park employees nametag, and not just at CW, anywhere. This kind young girl who helped me went by the name of Shillica.

Once inside the park I was determined to ride behemoth. I could see its tall features from the entrance and immediately began my trek over the ride.


I have nothing but great things to say about this ride. Both Fridays the ride was in full operation with three trains. Thirty minute wait both days with lines constantly moving. Great location and landscaping for this ride, and I don't care what any of you say it makes all the difference. Ride ops were extremely cheerful and enthusiastic. The whole crew had everyone yelling and screaming on the way out of the station "AND" on the way back in, all day. That was a huge +. Now the ride itself was awesome. Backseat over the first drop was fantastic. Can you say ejector? And, the ride is as smooth as a car loosing control on black ice in the winter right to the end. Perfect hairpin turn, great airtime on hills and a nice downward helix. Thinking the backseat was the best and nothing could beat it had me mistaken.
The front seat takes the cake with out a doubt. The extended train makes for some serious push down the first drop and over the hills. Behemoths view from atop the hill, impressive. The 400 looked pretty small from up there. You can see everything from the front. Best seat in the house.

The new trains are the best. The wing seats are completely unobstructed, and the two inner seats. Comfortable too.

The only bad thing I will say is the trims were in affect on the second Friday. Maybe it was time they used them since the season is early. What else can I say? Oh, my cellular phone is now swimming with the fish under the first drop. Umm, ya, I was wearing splash pants and had my phone in my pocket. Duh! They also have an emergency exit gat directly beside the front seat stable. Everyone wants the front seat and there is always a line for it. Beats me. The last thing I noticed was the photo lab for on-ride pictures was down for a while. Upset customers.

Behemoth is such a good ride though. It’s a ton of fun. But one thing made me more happy then anything else on the two trips I made to the park. The kids. For B&M and everyone else involved in making this project happen is a tremendous gift. I know that the majority of the people at the park have probably never been to Montreal, Darien Lake or Cedar Point to ride a coaster with this magnitude. You could see it on their faces. What a gift! They were all so excited, and shooting out comments that I used to say on my first hyper experience. Very, very cool! It was touching.

I got three rides on Behemoth and then walked around the entire park before a made my exit. I was looking for changes, improvements, maintenance or anything that popped out at me. There was this one girl in particular who stood out from the rest. If there was a leaf from last fall dancing around on the walkways and she seen it. It was gobbled up by her broom and scoop and into the garbage. Talk about a caring worker. Also, garbage bags were scattered all over the place filled with leafs from the staff cleaning up. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! To top it all off, the park looks great.

The bat has a new paint job. The supports have now been transformed into a striking orange instead of black. The rails have been repainted their original fire red. Every single ride was running, except for sledge hammer (no surprise though).

To start off the season I give the park a nine out ten in general. Excluding the high prices for parking and beverages, what looks to be the start of a great season is indeed a good one. I had a load of fun.

CoasterDiscern said:

The only bad thing I will say is the trims were in affect on the second Friday. Maybe it was time they used them since the season is early.

So by virtue of the math, the trims were NOT in affect on the first Friday then??

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