PBB Coaster?

Repotred on Screamscape anyone 'up north' in the UK able to confirm? - "(8/9/06) One of our readers reports that while riding Ice Blast (S&S Space Shot) they spotted what looked like a few pieces of red coaster track next to the old Vikingar site near Valhalla."

Official release says LogFlume will be removed from the 3rd of September, could they be starting already?

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I would expect to to be just some old pieces of track from the Big One!

Its looks like PBB will recieve something either in 2007 or 2008, nothing solid at the moment apparently!

Isn't PBB supposed to get a coaster named ''THE BIGGER ONE!" which is to be bigger than "PEPSI MAX: THE BIG ONE"??? Atleast thats what I've read somewhere before.
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There's Big One track all over the place, some was used in the construction of Valhalla, and take a look at the SD sign. Nothing is thrown away at BPB.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

I think 'The Bigger One' was ditched - it was, allegedly, going to go out into the see and up a huge top hat.

Shame its only Big One track, had my hopes up that PBB was finally getting its act together and building new rides rather than just closing them all!

Bring back Doris and Geoffrey to sort this place out!

Stealth God! - 136 rides

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