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Since I am typically highly vocal in professing the little details that Cedar Point ignores from year to year (mist disappearing from Maverick, MF light-show degrading, etc.), I am highly pleased to share this link...

Ocean Motion 2.0

It kinda looks like CP is trying to add(choke, gasp, hack...) scenery.

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It's not that CP doesn't have a solid group of people working in the planning and design area. I think the job they've done Maverick and Shoot The Rapids was excellent, for the most part. The problem is the company doesn't seem committed to following through on scenery long term.

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That's pretty cool. Still lacking in unique imagination, but still cool.

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Becca is also nice scenery. Moreso than Tony.


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^^^ I agree completely. I think TTD ushered in an era of "moderate, easy to maintain theme" on new rides. Yes, some things have gone awry, but nothing compared to the debacle of Disaster Transport. Shoot the Rapids was the most detailed edition of the lets hope they get some new boats!

I guess I am most impressed that it would have been so easy for CP to just move this ride into a new location and call it a day. This shows a concerted, focused effort to breath new life into the attraction.

I am most impressed.

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That's a great idea for that ride. I wonder if ridership will improve with it being front and center.

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It's definitely going to be quite telling on whether location and design affect ridership. Big difference between its setup and location before and after.

My guess is that it has a pretty steady line in its new location with the new look.

If not, then what's the lesson learned? That's there's no reason to consider location or general aesthetics of a ride? That's the last thing we need CF thinking.

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I bet the ride does at least twice the number of riders this year.

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Someone help me out. Is that up where Demon Drop was?

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Yes it is.

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Well, I can tell you that I have not ridden OM in over a decade, and I will be on it on opening weekend. So ridership + 3 (wife and 3- year old daughter, who will be taking her first "voyage") courtesy of the Meyers. :)

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Wow, this should be gorgeous looking... I've always liked it when Ship rides are placed by/on/over water. Should be a pretty huge upgrade for OM!

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I don't understand Cedar Fair, at all. This is almost as bizarre as relocating Demon Drop!

Yeah, this ride sucks, no one is riding it, we'll sell it.


No one bought it? Ah right, lets move it across the park and spend a load of money on making it look pretty.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Who said it sucks? These rides are pretty classic, and while overall ridership wasn't high (likely because of location), it wasn't unusual for a bunch of kids to ride it over and over, laughing all they way.

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I'd certainly be one of them, if they'd give it a better ride cycle.

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They are a lot of fun. I am quite sure many of us here remember the "tastes great...less filling" shouting matches (usually in Pirate tone) that used to take place on Ocean Motion.

Its location has been horrible. To be honest, when I think of why I haven't ridden it, it has nothing to do with it not being fun (and with no wait, practically), and everything to do with the fact that we never found ourselves in plain sight of it. Windseeker will obviously draw much attention to that area, but having OM right in front with the nice scenery will no doubt increase the number of passengers.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see the attention paid to Ocean Motion after all the years it spent in obscurity, but I still think the new location is kinda weird. With it's new look it seems even better suited for a spot in Frontier Town or tucked in along the Trail somewhere. I also find myself disappointed to realize now that the area is most likely not reserved for a larger, more thrilling attraction.

Not only does Ocean Motion take up Demon Drop's site but also that of 3 Point Challenge, which I noticed on the map is moving to the spot formerly occupied by Chaos. I love 3 Point Challenge, (while I'm not much of a basketball player I could stand and watch people play all day,) and what a great idea - one of the best examples of Big Money For Nothin' that I've ever seen. Maybe in it's new location it'll see a little more business, too.

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