Past or Present?

Sunday, September 15, 2002 6:04 PM

My question is...

Do you think you enjoy coasters more now, or did you enjoy them more when you were(most likely)scared?

When I think back, I would much rather be scared still. Regardless if I feel scared or not, I still ride anyway.

When i first rode S:RoS @ SFA back in 2001, it was the best thing i had experienced in years. But when i rode it again in august, it was almost boring. It had its intensity in the helix(either i thought i was almost ready to black out, or the red/blue seemed to mix and turn a dark color. It was also running exceptionally fast that day, faster than i remembered MF to be). It also seemed to give better ejector air than i remember. Whether that contributing to it being faster than ever, or that i wasnt so scared to give myself 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 inches between me and the lap bar(my first few rides i stapled myself).

My first rides on S:RoS were much more fun than they were back in august. And the same thing goes for most of the rides at PKD also.

Now, I ride a coaster with little to no fear, and sometimes it makes it no fun at all, such as AC-Front row.

So, do you think you enjoyed coasters when you first rode them(when you were most likely do you get hooked if you were bored??), or do you enjoy them more now?

Dont get me wrong, i love them now, but i think the overall experience was twice as good when i was scared.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002 6:11 PM

Being scared is everything. My trip to Cedar Point this summer kind of dragged too. When Millennium Force was new, though, I was so nervous and excited about riding it I loved the intense feeling. Now I've been on all CP's rides so many times... The first day when I rode Millennium Force was just as much fun as the first day I was at the park.

Sunday, September 15, 2002 6:31 PM
Being a coaster enthusiast for three seasons, I can readily remember when I used to be scared of any coaster. It is much easier to get scared, and thus more thrill is associated with even the most 'mundane' ride. I still have fun on rides like Sooperdooper Looper, but I am not scared of it. I guess it's like a drug, it takes a higher dosage to intimidate you. There are exceptions for me, however. I still enjoy the Coney Island Cyclone now and am just as afraid as I was 2 years ago. Also, S:ROS at SFNE.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002 6:40 PM

I was only scared on my first steelie (Viper @SFDL), first hyper (CP), and my first giga (MF)

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Sunday, September 15, 2002 6:46 PM

I think if you have to be scared to enjoy a coaster than you're not a coaster enthusiast but rather an adrenaline junky. Try skydiving, mountain climbing, or something else dangerous.

I ride coasters for the fun not to be scared. I can ride a good coaster over and over and not get bored because I'm not scared.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002 6:52 PM

Last time I was scared to ride a coaster was when I was 9 years old. 1989, my first ride on Maggie. After that I haven't been scared of a coaster yet, don't think I ever will be.

Drop Rides on the other hand scare the (expletive deleted) out of me.

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Sunday, September 15, 2002 7:17 PM

My problum is that I have been on some coasters too many times. More spcificly Goliath and X. Both of those coasters have gotten too predictable to me. X is exciting because it sooo different than anything else and ,well, the surprise is the thrill of it. My first ride was great, because I had totally no idea what to expect.

With Goliath, that tallest coaster I had been on before that was Coloosus. I screamed for (literaly) the entire ride.

One of the good things about woodies is that they are unpredictable and always give a different experience.

Monday, September 16, 2002 8:23 PM
I'm not really scared of coasters anymore. Anything that launches you still gives me a bit of the jolt, because of the anticipation, but it's nothing compared to what I felt like on my first big rides (which WERE when I was around eight...). In some ways it was better back in the day. For one thing, I'm finding that I have to 'warm up" on a few rides before I really begin to enjoy them. Thankfully, this doesn't always happen. On the whole, coasters are a lot more fun when they're not scaring the c*** out of you. You can take in more of the experience. I know that my best rides on my old favorites were long after I stopped being scared of them.
Tuesday, September 17, 2002 4:52 AM
The last time I was truly scared to ride a coaster was my first ride on Magnum. Since then, they don't scare me, but they provide a ton of excitement...even the ones I've ridden over and over again.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 4:56 AM

I really don't think I got it! Till the past couple of years.

The coasters? Sure, they are fun and sometimes surprising but this is what I get from this hobby now over the shear thrill of coasters.

Friends! And lots of them! It is just so nice to show up at some park, Just about anywhere and seeing people you know or have talked to on the net for a couple years and conversing our hobby. Of course a coaster is best sharred than alone and if the coaster gives Mooshing forces, It's nice to share those as well :)

Right Moosh?

Chuck, who even just has a ball at a small park with one major coaster as long as his brother or other friends are there too.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 5:08 AM
For me, the more rides the better. While the first time on any coaster is memorable, the more times I ride it and the the less nervous I am doing so, the more I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. That's what irritates me sometimes when I go to a park and I only have enough time to ride some of the coasters once. I know that if I could just get more rides on it, it would be that much better.
Tuesday, September 17, 2002 9:47 AM

Not a single coaster has scared me since I was a child. As I've gotten older, the point of coasters is the rush, the speed and the connection you make with other people. It's a shared experience, like a great movie you discover with about 20 other people. Besides, most of you seem to be reffering to steel coasters because of their height and speed, when we all know it's the out of control wood that can really make you nervous and thrill you.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 9:59 AM

coasterdude04 said:

My question is...

Do you think you enjoy coasters more now, or did you enjoy them more when you were(most likely)scared?

Ever since I was 5 years old or so, I loved coasters but I wouldn't dare get on one. My first coaster was Jr. Gemini at CP when I was 8 or so. I still wouldn't get on any of the "big" coasters with the exception of Mine Ride and Corkscrew.

In June of 1990, my friends took me down to Kings Island. I knew these friends rode all the coasters so I was hoping they wouldn't force me on rides I didn't want to ride.

As it turned out, they did force me on The Beast. I was terrified and tried to leave the line more than once. They prevented me from leaving and told me I would enjoy it. Let's just say they were right. As we were heading up the second lift, I looked over at one of my friends and said,"You don't know what you have done. I am going to do this for the rest of my life."

They all thought I was joking and now look at me as a freak when it comes to coasters.

In 1999, I stopped rating and comparing coasters that were similar. This resulted in me finding a whole new level of this hobby I didn't know exsisted. Honestly, I am having more fun on coasters now than I ever had before.

I still get nervous on some coasters but not in a "scared" kind of way. More of a excited kind of way. My first rides on X, and Millennium Force felt like I was riding a coaster for the first time.

The way I look at it, this isn't even a hobby anymore as it is a lifestyle. This consumes so much of my life that I don't think I will ever take a "normal" vacation again.


Tuesday, September 17, 2002 11:35 AM

Excellent post, Sean. I agree with a lot of stuff (except I had no idea I'd be into coasters this much after my first ride on American Eagle or something...) you said, especially the two coasters listed that made you nervous. X and Millennium Force brought back those feelings of what it was like getting on board a coaster for the first time. Especially X since it's so radically different than anything else -- you really don't know what to expect (or is that Xpect?).

About "normal" vacations...I agree. I mean I LOVE sightseeing and touristy stuff like that, but usually my trips are centered around going to parks. I don't think I'd ever go anywhere just to go there unless there was a park to hit as well. And that is just fine with me!

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 1:37 PM

I've never really been scared of coasters so I can't really identify with that type of feeling. The first time I went on big rides as a kind I got an excited feeling, and the only time I've gotten that since then was with MF. That just added to the rush that I get from the ride. I do think that riding coasters back when I was younger had much more of a thrill factor because I could only ride them once a year, vs the many of the past few years.

I was just talking to my friend today as to why I want to go back to CP this year when I've already been there 7 times. I told him it all had to do with the rush and the experience of being in the moment. That is one of the most treasured things about coasters and amusement parks. Suddenly, for a whole day, the whole world fades away, there are no more bills to worry about, there are no more grades to think about, and all you are focused on is a great experience.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2002 1:50 PM

I rode my first "real" coaster, The Beast, in 1990 when I was 15. All my friends were there with me, but they were all wussies and wanted to stay in the arcade playing Karate Champ all day, not riding anything.

So after about three hours in the arcade, I said, screw it, and went off to ride The Beast by myself.

I was so scared that I was gripping the bar with one arm wrapped underneath and the other on top, wrapped around the bottom... almost hugging it. But I can honestly say that from the time I hit the second lift to the present, I have never been scared by a roller coaster.

btw, of the friends who wouldn't ride with me, only one I am still friends with today. He still hates coasters, though I have made him ride Raptor and FoF in the last couple years. His reactions to both were hilarious.

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