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This was the second day of my two day trip. The first day was at Kennywood which is part one and the second day which is this TR part two at Six Flags Great Adventure.I was with the same group of four. It was Chris and Tom that I was a little concerned about b/c they had never been on anything bigger than Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE our home park. KK was more than twice that thing in almost every way.

We got to the park around 1:30, August 1st 2007, and since we had only one day, we decided to do something that I have never done before. We got the hated by many here, golden flash pass! The last day I was at this park two years ago the shortest wait for a major ride was 1.5 hours so that more than anything told me we had to get the flash pass if we were to get all the rides in. Once again I have already been to this park before in 2005 for three days. The first two were fine. The last was horrible for a day at a park. A hat got stuck and shut down KK, and there was line jumping and 2.5 hour waits for Nitro and 1.5 for Medusa. That’s all that’s noteworthy that we got in that day.

If this looks long then just read the El Toro and Nitro parts!

Kingda Ka 10/10

This was the first ride of our day b/c I was telling everyone we better get on it while we can! I could tell Chris and Tom were somewhat afraid, but I don’t think they ever second guessed going on it. The wait with the flash pass was 15 minutes. The ride was just as I remembered it being two years ago. All four of us had a wonderful time especially Chris and Tom so they were all set for the day!

Superman Ultimate Flight 8/10

The wait for the front was 5 minutes with the pass. Chris and Tom were especially interested in this ride since they have never been on anything like it before. It was a super ride and that pretzel loop was unforgettable.

Great American Scream Machine 6/10

There was no wait for it regardless of flash pass. I found it to once again be rough like two years ago, but not nearly as rough as most people describe it. I didn’t find the roughness too ruin the ride like other people say.

Rolling Thunder 6/10

Two years ago when I went on this ride only one side was operating. That one side was the roughest wooden coaster I have ever been on including the Mean Streak and the Cyclone at SFNE. This time both sides were operating and they were racing. Just like the day before with Kennywood’s Racer my train lost. The ride was far better this time. I don’t know what it was but the roughness was all gone and I really was able to enjoy this ride.

El Toro 10/10

Superman Ride of Steel is at my home park, SFNE, and I have been on it many times- more than any other coaster. That is also true of the other three people in my group. That ride is often rated number one in the world for its speed, drops, and tunnels but mostly for its air time. So being a SROS veteran I know what real ejection totally out of your seat air time is. I have read things were many people have said that this El Toro has better air time than Superman and I have always thought that those people were just full of it or just totally exaggerating. When I was walking to the line I suddenly saw a train go over the first airtime hill and couldn’t believe what I saw. It just looked unreal. I had to see it again, but never did b/c we didn’t have a wait like other people. Our wait for El Toro was less than five minutes for a back seat. The lift was fast just like everyone says. The first drop was epic then came the two air time hills. The air time on them was so intense it almost freaked me out! Once again this is a SROS veteran here. I never thought anything would have more forceful airtime than SROS but this ride really does! It really does! About a year ago someone wrote a TR on this ride and described the rest of this ride and I am going to say the same thing. It was if God himself said, “Thou Shall now enter Heaven”. When the ride ended I told my friend I have a new number one wooden this thing and forget the Yankee Cannonball and forget the Thunderbolt. I told him if I ranked this ride with the steel’s I’ve been on. Then only Millennium Force is left standing! Soon after the ride I asked the rest of the group what they thought and all four of us agree that this ride really does have more forceful airtime than SROS.

Medusa 8.5/10

I love this ride! We had less than a five minute wait for the front. The ride is just so smooth, fast and unforgiving.

Skull Mountain 5/10

The Exterminator at Kennywood Park the day before destroyed this ride. It was still fun though being in the dark.

Nitro 9.5/10

We again had less then a five minute wait with the flash pass and we again went for the back. The wait for everyone else wasn’t bad and there was 3 train operation. Last time I was at the park there was 2 train operation and a 2.5 hour wait! I personally rank this ride just behind SROS, but my friend Dickson ranks this rate one notch better than SROS so we were putting Tom and Chris on the spot. My Gosh I love this ride. It’s just so smooth and comfortable. The one funny thing was towards the end of the ride someone in front of us had change falling out. At the end Chris was like I don’t know which one is better. Tom gave the slight edge to Superman.

Batman The Ride 8/10

It was another less than five minute wait for the back. This was the fastest crew I have ever seen. I actually complimented them saying your really fast. This ride was just how I remembered it small but it made up for that in intensity. Wow!

Superman Ultimate Flight 7.5/10

This ride is a gimmick meaning it wasn’t as much fun the second time. I still loved it but it was starting to loose its flavor.

Nitro 9.5/10

We decided that to end the day we would switch between El Toro and Kingda Ka, but first get two more rides on Nitro so that’s what we did. While walking towards the Nitro we all noticed that someone was getting kicked out of the park for smoking in a non smoking zone. Good job Six Flags! We had almost no wait for the back again with the pass. The ride started off as usual. Then we got to the hill right before the Hammer head element. I almost did not add this b/c I didn’t think anyone was going to believe this story, but I promise you it is true! Anyways I saw something flying. I remember hearing Chris yelling Oh my Gosh it’s a shoe Oh my Gosh you caught it! He caught! He caught it! Some how I managed to catch a sandal that flew back on the ride, and I was enjoying it for the remaining part of the ride. When the ride ended my friends told me to hold the thing up so I did. Oh the memories I thought that if that was on video it could make ESPN’s top ten plays lol. I’ve only been on 58 different coasters as of now, but I’m sure that by the day I die I will have moved the decimal point and then some God willing. But I will never manage to actually catch something while on a ride like that ever again.

Nitro 9.5/10

The first time we are in the back change was flying back at us and the second time I manage to catch a shoe on the top of the hill before the hammer head. So what’s next we were thinking? Nothing unusual happened this time, but this ride doesn’t need that it’s so awesome. At the end of the day I asked Tom again and he changed his mind and picks Nitro one notch above SROS what the heck I said. Chris was still undecided. I guess that in our group of four one was undecided one was for Superman and two were for Nitro.

Kingda Ka 10/10

This time we did it in the front. What more can I say other than Wow! The front really beats all the other seats. Tom said that he almost lost his contacts it was so intense.

El Toro 10/10

This ride was later on in the day than my first ride. Just like the first time we went for the back. The air time on those hills was so intense that I began to wonder just how safe it was. This ride has stronger air time than even Superman and Superman had someone fly out who was overweight. I hope the ride operators have strict rules about who is allowed to ride. The ride this time was as good as last time. Words just can’t to it justice.

Kingda Ka 10/10

While entering an employee saw my TTD shirt and had to ask which one was better. I was hesitating a lot. He said “ say the other one I just want to know” I said that if I want to brag to my friends than this one is better, but in all honesty TTD is better b/c you don’t just walk on the ride. There is all the excitement before the launch. It was now dark and I was going for a front seat. Tom and Chris were not going for the front b/c Tom almost lost his contacts the last time in the front. This just shows how much better the front is. In line I meat someone who was on his 7th attempt at this ride- every other time it broke down. Ouch! I told him don’t worry I bring good luck with these rides. With the exception of my third day at this park in 2005, I have never had this ride break down for any good length of time, and I also got on TTD on my first and only attempt in 2003. In line some clever guest was thirsty and saw the water jug the employee’s use and filed up his cup with it. It was hilarious! One of the employees took the jug and said not for sale. Everyone laughed. Once again this ride delivered. The front seat in the dark on this ride really is something special.

El Toro 10/10

This was the last ride of the night. We actually got on it twice. There was no need for the flash pass b/c there was no line! These final two rides were some of the best rides I’ve ever had on any coaster. Once the ride was done everyone ran to get on it again. It was the real running of the bulls! It’s hard to describe just how amazing this thing is. Whenever I watch this ride go over the first two hills it just looks unreal just unreal. When on the ride it was just that amazing. The rest of the ride was about the most out of control experience imaginable.

Exiting the Park

If you still are not convinced from this TR that this park has improved then read the following! At least 30 employees at the park exits were all clapping, shouting, and shaking peoples hands as they left wishing everyone a good night and celebrating a good day. When this was going on I just couldn’t believe I was at a Six Flags park. I used to run track in school and many times people cheer and shake hands if you finish in a really good time. It felt a lot like that actually. This is the way it should be!

Day as a whole

It was one great day at the park. Our longest wait was 20 minutes for KK with our flash pass, but I could tell that for other people the waits were not that bad. I would say no more than one hour for any major ride. I can’t believe how much better this park is compared to 2005. Nitro was running three trains all ride crew were far faster and the park wasn’t afraid to kick people out who stepped out of line.

One last thing that I would like to add is this question that Chris came up with when we left the park. It really was a good question. He said, “You know KK really is a good ride, but I still don’t understand why they couldn’t have had it be longer.” I told him that’s b/c it already coast 25 million and that it is going to draw people b/c of it’s launch and first hill regardless of what is added on. So there really is no point. *** Edited 8/9/2007 4:28:56 AM UTC by GIGAFORCE01*** *** Edited 8/9/2007 4:30:55 AM UTC by GIGAFORCE01***

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

Nice TR! My cousin and I were in the back of Nitro (I think it was last year) and he caught someone's wallet (money, creditcards, the works) on Nitro.

Nitro and Medussa are usually very reliable and provide predictably consistent rides. Ka in the front seat is a fantastic experience. I have never been on a ride where the expereince from the front matters more. (It's even better if a train launches in front of yours!) While I can no longer get on El Toro, it is as intense as it is beautiful.

I never experienced the exiting reception that you got. WOW!

Kennywood is fantastic too!

I'm glad you had a good time.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Nice TR! I'm proud to say that El Toro is in my home park. In my opinion its better than everything including Rumbler, Thunderhead and all 3 woodies at Holiday World. It truly is a gem. On another note when did you go when Nitro's line was 2.5 hours. I go to the park around 50 times a year and never saw it over an hr. *** Edited 8/10/2007 7:24:37 PM UTC by OP AWESOME***

On another note when did you go when Nitro's line was 2.5 hours. I go to the park around 50 times a year and never saw it over an hr. *** Edited 8/10/2007 7:24:37 PM UTC by OP AWESOME***

It was on a thursday in late August 2005. There is the link to it. This happened on my third day there. The first two went fine. The third day shows Six Flags at its lowest. On that day Skull Mountain had a 30 minute wait, Medusa 1.5 hours, Nitro 2.5, KK 2.5 before it shut down for the day, and I was told Superman had atleast a 3 hour wait on that day! Comparing that day to this past trip just shows how much the company has improved.

-Eric: Major Parks: SFNE(homepark), SFA,SFGADV,CP,BGE,BGA,Kennywood,and Sea World: Track record 65 different coasters ridden #1 is Millennium Force #2 is El Toro and than there are all the others

Well I've witnessed the SUF line at 3 hrs but Nitro at 2 1/2 wow that's bad.

I actually remember reading that TR when you first wrote it. It's a shame you haven't experienced the Batman side of Chiller or the revised version. *** Edited 8/11/2007 10:17:32 PM UTC by OP AWESOME*** *** Edited 8/11/2007 10:18:10 PM UTC by OP AWESOME***

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