Part 2 of: Indy Day WWK & GL Trip

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Okay now onto the rides.

Thriller Bees

It finally opened. It's a great ride to get dry on. This ride made me really dizzy. Not dizzy like sick dizzy, but dizzy like spinning round and round in circles. This ride gets a 8/10


A really nice swinging ride. Another way to get dry. I love this ride a lot . It is very fun.

This ride gets a 8/10 also.

Onto the Bounty...

This is a great swinging ship ride. You have to sit in the back in order to get that great drop feeling in your stomach and to get "airtime".

Raging Wolfbobs

I got to ride in the Black train. This is a really great coaster and it is even better on the black train. Everyone is right though about the retracking of the High fan curve( it should be done).

I give this ride a 8/10


Dominator was running great as usual. I rode twice. Once in front and once in back. This is a great ride and I give it an overall rating of 10/10


The back of this ride is soo much better than the front. The back gives you the "whip".

Back of TH: 9.5/10 Front of TH:9/10

Mr. Hydes Nasty Fall

Yes it was running. I rode it twice. I feel this ride is better than Demon Drop at CP...this is only my opinion. Demon Drop I give a 7/10.

BTW if you were in the park around 8:30 at night and saw a girl go on Mr. Hydes by herself and scream all the way was probably me.

Mr. Hydes gets a 8/10.


An awesome flying coaster. The back is always the best, and I always get dizzy in the back.

I give this ride a 9.5/10.

Steel Venom

I rode this at around 9:15 at night. It was so much better at night. Also if you heard a girl scream the whole ride it probably was me, again.

I rode in the front. I give this ride a 10/10.

Onto the ferries to go home.

Got on the Aurora Bell and when we were about to pull into the other dock, the boat starts going backwards and we do 2 360 degree turns. Then they say we are experiencing mechanical problems and will be going onto the other ship. *** Edited 7/11/2005 3:36:20 PM UTC by "E"Coster Gurl***

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