Part 1 of: Indy Day WWK & GL TRIP

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I arrived at the park around 2:30 and got inside at about 2:45. The first thing I did was hit up the waterpark.

Riptide Run

A overall good ride, it's nice if you want to sit on a tube and float down the river getting a suntan.

Coral Cove

A nice area for kids and adults alike. They have interactive areas and floatables for kids. There is also basketball hoops for kids and adults.

Thunder Falls (Tube slides)

I went on the Blue Slide. It was lame and slow.

I give this ride a 4/10

Liquid Lightning

You absouletly must have 4 people to go on this ride. You can go on with less than 4 but having four makes an awsome ride. It is so much faster and you go higher in the tube. Normally this ride takes about 20 minutes to get on, but someone passed out and the ride ended up being like a 40 minute wait. This ride is awesome. Going into the tube you can see, but once you are in the tube it is pitch black until you hit the drop into the funnel. Going back and forth in the funnel is fun.

I give this ride a 9.5/10

~~~~Coaster Lover~~~~~~~~~~

You only took the blue slide on Thunder Falls? You picked the wrong one for sure. Should have went for purple or orange. And if you could have, should have definately walked to the top for one of the Speed Slides. They rock!

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