Part 1 Coasterweekend. 9/18/04 Coastermania @ CP (Long)

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We (my wife, son, and I) drove to CP from Hershey PA. When we got around Pittsburgh they had I-76 shut down. We ended up waiting in traffic for 2 hours just to get off the exit. Then once we got off the exit we spent another 20 minutes trying help a family that their car wouldn’t start after he shut it off at Taco Bell. As it turned out all the places to eat were closed. We were fortunate enough to find a Primanti Brothers that was still open. That Yuengling Lager went down smooth after sitting in traffic for over 2 hours.

We ended up having to drive into the city to take a detour to get back to the I76 due to several other possible routes being closed down. It was about 11:45 by the time we got back on the turnpike heading in the right direction. The nice part was that it seemed as though we had crossed over into Ohio, and the roads were dry. It was nice to see dry roads after that major snafu. It was smooth sailing the rest of the way to the Breaker Express.

We got to the room, and figured we just wasted our money since we would only be sleeping there for a few hours, and driving to Pittsburgh Saturday night. That turned out to not be the case. Since we had such little sleep there wasn’t anyway that were going to make that drive.

We woke up at 5:30am, got ready, and stopped at McDonalds for a quick breakfast. Amusement parks don’t promote a healthy diet. I am still trying to figure out a way that I can eat healthy, but it never seems to work. Oh well. I’ll make up for it during the week.

We arrived at CP right around 0630. We showed our Coasterbuzz Club cards, and got our Coastermania buttons, and meal tickets. We used our Dorney passes so we didn’t have to pay admission. We just had to pay $9 to park, and that was it. It was a good deal.

We started walking back toward TTD but people were heading toward us telling us that it was down. Just then we ran into our friend the Rev. Cliff Herring. Since he married us at Knoebels Grove at the beginning of the season we haven’t really gotten to hang out with him much. We ended up spending the whole weekend with him coaster riding. It was nice because we were an even group of 4 for all the coasters.

Since they were having a few problems with TTD we figured that hit Raptor first. We got a front seat, and a middle seat rides before we headed to TTD. There is no need to rate to the coasters since I have done that on previous trip reports. Everyone knows what CP has anyway.

We got to TTD, and they stated that they were closing the line for Coastermania, and we couldn’t wait for the front due to them letting in the resort guests to ride. We got our first ride in the middle 4th seat. The launch wasn’t as powerful as I remember it being. I guess that was because I have gotten used to Storm Runner. It was still a great ride.

Being a resort guest we ended re-entering the line at 9 am, and finally got our first front seat ride on TTD. In my 3 visits that I have been to CP since TTD opened this was the 1st time that I decided that I had to wait for the front seat. The other 2 visits I just wanted to make sure that I got a ride because it kept breaking down. As far as I could tell it was running very smooth all day with no major downtime. I have been lucky as far as being able to ride it, and have gotten 7 laps in my 3 visits. I know they aren’t very impressive numbers, but there are still people that haven’t been so lucky to ride it.

The front seat is definitely the spot to ride TTD. It makes the launch seem so much more intense. I got a nice pop of airtime over the tophat. It was a pleasant ride. Good visuals, and secured it up there with my other favorite coasters. I am still not sure which one I like more TTD or Storm Runner. It’s pretty close in my book. We got on ride photos my wife and me on one, and the Rev, and my son on the other. What a good ride.

We hit Disaster Transport, and my wife decided to go take a nap due to the lack of sleep. I was too wired from the coaster rides, and too excited because I was at CP to take a nap. We got a freeway pass for Millie, and decided to head to the back of the park, and hit all of those rides. We rode in order Cedar Point Mine Ride, Log Flume, Mean Streak, Gemini, Woodstock Express, Magnum, and Corkscrew. It was nice to not be in such a rush to ride everything like I usually am when I visit CP. All coasters were only a 3 train wait at the most.

It was now 1:30, so it was time to head for lunch. I woke my wife up, and meant back up with the Rev, and my son at the picnic pavilion. The food was pretty good. I especially enjoyed the sausages since it is something that I don’t normally include in my diet. They were given out all kinds of sweets. I had to pass on that stuff. I was already breaking my diet too much. I wanted to make sure that I’d fit on MF. ;)

After lunch we hit up Iron Dragon. I like suspended coasters, but of the 3 that I have ridden this is my least favorite. The new paint doesn’t do much for me, but it isn’t the worse that I have seen.

After that it was time to use our Freeway pass for MF. Within about 15 minutes I was hopping on board the last seat of the red train. The belts are really shortened. If I hadn’t lost 33lbs in the off season I would have never fit. I was proud to see that I didn’t have any problems. I was nervous because I have read everyone complaining about the seatbelt issue. I do feel bad for people that they make get off the ride. If I didn’t start my diet I’d be right there with them.

It was around 4:30 by this time, and I realized that there wasn’t anyway that I was going to make it to Pittsburgh to make our reservation at the Comfort Suites. I called the reservation line, and had them cancel that reservation. I booked the Comfort Inn on Rt 250 right by the Walmart. We decided to take a break, and head to the hotel to get refreshed. It really made the difference. We hit the whirlpool, Sauna, and pool up, and then relaxed at the hotel for a few before heading back for ERT.

When we got into the park for ERT we hooked back up with the Rev, and we watched a long line of people head into the Magnum queue. We decided to wait a little bit before heading there. To our surprise it was only about a 3 train wait for our 1st ride, and was shorter, and shorter every ride after. We took 4 laps. Front seat, back seat, 1-2, and 1-3. As everyone else had stated in their TR Magnum was running like a champ. It was giving some brutal air. It was funny because you’d here everyone grunt in unison over certain hills. The Magnum is such a classic ride. How can you not love it?

Next up MF. We decided that since we were tired we’d just get one front seat ride. It was a 35 minute wait. The main reason I wanted to ride MF in both the front, and the back was to compare it to SROS at SFNE. MF was my #1 steel coaster until I rode SROS, and had to be sure to experience both the front and back seat to give an accurate judgment. I am sure that some of you aren’t going to agree with my opinion, but that’s just part of life.

When it come to rating wooden coasters I don’t really have a 1 – 10 scale. I just know what kind of ride I like. Steel Coasters are the ones that I do have favorites. I’d rate them this way:

  2. MF @CP
  3. Storm Runner & Top Thrill Dragster (Not sure which I like best of the 2.)
  4. Nitro.

SROS is just out of control. The drop into the tunnel with the red lights on is a great way to start the ride. No ride that I have yet to experience dishes out the kind of airtime, and laterals (sometimes both at the same time) like that ride does. I really don’t see how this coaster lost its number 1 spot to MF. The only reason I could think of is because of the recent accident. The ride is just incredible the whole way through.

MF on the other hand feels way too controlled compared to SROS. I love the speed, and the 1st drop is incredible. The view of Lake Erie adds a nice touch. The overbanks are nice, but don’t leave me with that feeling of exhilaration the twists, and turns of the SROS. MF has more flat sections where there isn’t much going on but the speed. It does have 3 good spots of air, but the airtime is no where as intense as Superman’s. To summarize it both great, but different.

My wife agreed with me on that view. I don’t think that my son did agree, but he never did say. Anyone that has yet to ride SFNE’s Superman must experience it. I highly recommend it.

After that we called it a day, stopped to get dinner to go at Taco Bell, and headed back to the Comfort Inn. I love Cedar Point, and I always look forward to visiting at least once a year. We were getting up early to head to Pittsburgh for day #2 at Kennywood.

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It was a great trip. I agree about Superman. That is the best steel coaster that I have been on. There isn't anything that I can really think that would be better than that except maybe for "X."

heather m moppin.

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