Parking discount at SFMM with SFGADV season pass?

Friday, January 17, 2003 1:41 PM
Does SFMM offer a parking discount if I show them my SFGADV season pass. I heard last year that certain parks would do that. Anyone know anymore?


Friday, January 17, 2003 1:48 PM

If you have a SFgadv season pass you can use that but I don't think there is a discount for just a season pass. Also when are you going?

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Friday, January 17, 2003 1:52 PM
sunday the 19th of january

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Friday, January 17, 2003 2:37 PM
No, they don't do that at Magic Mountain. You are let into the park with your Six Flags pass, but you don't get discounted or free parking.
Friday, January 17, 2003 3:09 PM
SFMM does not even offer parking as a part of their season pass. Unless it has changed this season. They only offer you the option to buy a set number of parking coupons at half off, but only while they last.

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