Park Safty Concerns

Wednesday, April 11, 2001 2:22 PM
Do you fell that parks are getting safer yet the media seems to always make it look like that parks are dangerous?
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 2:32 PM
YES, that is the simplest answer I can give you.

The Raging Bull #1!!
Wednesday, April 11, 2001 7:13 PM
Amusement parks are generally very safe, though there are occasional serious lapses for which there is no excuse.

You are about 20 times more likely to be killed on the drive to the amusement park than you are to be killed in a ride accident. I haven't seen any data, but I suspect that you are also much more likely to die at an amusement park from a heart attack or heat stroke than from a ride accident.

In 2000 there was only one fatality in a ride accident at a US amusement park. That fatality was clearly due to the fact that the victim got out of the boat on Splash Mountain half way through the ride then fell in front of the next boat. It seems that about half of the ride related fatalities and serious injuries are due to patrons checking their brains at the gate when they enter the park.
Thursday, April 12, 2001 6:45 AM

Jim Fisher said:
"In 2000 there was only one fatality in a ride accident at a US amusement park."

And if, God forbid, there are 2 fatalities in 2001, the media will jump on this with headlines like "Park Deaths rise 100% from Last Year!"

As was said, its mostly because people don't think! Also, what counts as an "injury?" Is it anything that needs first aid? or is it anything that is "major?"

Thursday, April 12, 2001 7:07 AM
Most of the deaths happened at European parks and traveling carnivals last year.
Friday, April 13, 2001 7:37 PM
If there are 2 deaths this year, not only will the media report a 100% increase in park deaths, but Congressman Ed Markey of Massachussets and 9 co-sponsors will introduce a bill to regulate amusement parks. Oops, they did that April 4, 2001 despite only one death and that caused by idiotic behaviour.

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