Park Beyond theme park sim announced for 2022 release

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Video announcement trailer:

“The reason is that nobody wants to ride them anymo..”


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This reminds me of Funko POP! figures of my favorite characters. I might look at them for ten seconds, but ultimately decide they do not have any appeal as to why I like the character. They don't have any qualities that embody the reason I like the character. It's probably the lack of realism.

But people who like games and not necessarily amusement parks will eat this game up.

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Swing and a miss. I'm sure the kids will dig it.

The thing that drew me to RollerCoaster Tycoon was the implied realism; the fact that I could experience theme park and rides like the ones I visited growing up--albeit with a cartoony feel--on my computer monitor. NoLimits was fun for a while, too, and took that realism (with coasters at least) to another level. This isn't that, and it holds zero interest for me.

And the characters are cringey.

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I'm surprised that a few years in, my kid is still in to Planet Coaster. I think that's really the standard for theme park sims at this point.

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I guess in fairness I should qualify that I'm really not into any sims anymore. I played around with Parkitect in its beta stage, and that was fun for a few days because it was basically RCT with different skin, but then I lost interest. Thought about Planet Coaster but I just can't justify buying a newer PC for one game that I'd probably lose interest in as well.

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That Ferris Wheel is dope! ;)

"I go out at 3 o' clock for a quart of milk and come home to my son treating his body like an amusement park!" - Estelle Costanza
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Everything old is new again.

Jeff said:

I'm surprised that a few years in, my kid is still in to Planet Coaster. I think that's really the standard for theme park sims at this point.

Agreed. Planet Coaster is surprisingly good.

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I've still not had the computing power to play Planet Coaster. I know that when I do, I will have a hard time doing anything else.

The new Macs with the new Apple-designed chips are said to be powerful enough to play the game, and the even newer, more powerful chip is rumored to come out on the Mac Mini within a few months. I think I'll get me a Christmas present this year.

But to further my comparison in my previous post, this Park Beyond game is like buying a HULK action figure for todlers that has skinny, bendy arms and a friendly, happy expression printed on it's flat, plastic face.

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The Mac version of the game has terrible performance even on a good Mac, because the OS just doesn't do 3D games well.

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Good to know. Back to the drawing board. LOL

The PS5 version has a smaller land area to build things on.

Maybe I need to stop being stubborn and go back to PC? Not a chance.

Sorry for the derailment...

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