Parents sue Six Flags Over Georgia, others, for death of daughter

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A DeKalb County couple is suing Six Flags Over Georgia over the death of their daughter. After playing in the wave pool at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Laterrika Freeman developed a cough later that evening and had trouble breathing, the suit said. She was taken to multiple hospitals for diagnosis. Laterrika began to "code" after an oxygenation machine she was attached to stopped working. She died at Egleston Children's Hospital on July 18, 2014.

Read more from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Oh here we go. That sounds like one big, fat, sad mess for these poor folks and everyone involved.

The headline makes it sound like a frivolous lawsuit, but if you read the article it states that Six Flags allegedly closed the wave pool due to a chemical imbalance. Should that be true then the family might have a case.

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Only if you can prove her breathing issues were caused by the chemicals, I would imagine. I mean, if no other kid had an issue, what does that mean?

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There are about a hundred medical questions I'd need to answer before jumping from her cough to something from the wave pool. The onset of illness being so soon after going to the park makes me wonder if she wasn't already sick when she came. Was there some sort of bacterial or viral pathogen involved? If so, then we go back to Jeff's question of why no others were affected.

In any case, I feel for the girl's family and friends...

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