Parc Asterix vs. Disney Paris (DWP/DSP)

Has anyone been to both? I am looking for advice...

I am planning a trip to Paris this summer and am trying to decide between the two.

As far as coaster counts - both parks have 7, so that wouldn't affect the decision solely based on counts. Travel from Paris without a car is not an issue either - Parc Asterix has a shuttle from CDG that runs every 30 minutes ( ) and DLP is via the RER - so that is mostly a non-issue, too.

So it ultimately comes down to what is the better park for thrill seekers and just an overall 'fun quotient'...

HELP! Please!

--George H

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I did both on a trip a few years back, and again visited Disneyland during my honeymoon.

DLParis is absolutely outstanding. Despite the obvious familiarity of the main park to anyone who has visited any of the other "main" parks at any other Disney resort, it has enough nice touches to still differentiate it somewhat, and Space Mountain - Mission 2 is worth the price of admission alone. I'm told their BTMR is the best of the bunch thanks to an extended finale, but it has twice eluded me. The park itself mixes familiarity with some nice uniqueness, especially as it comes to their Tomorrowland equivalent.

As for the Studios park, it's just a less-impressive version of FL's Studios park, but Crush's Coaster is a pretty awesome ride that you can't get over here.

The challenge with this one is access. It takes a while to work your way to it from downtown Paris and vice-versa, and while I don't think there was an issue regarding the hours of service of the RER, it's something worth researching. I recommend a solid two days there (my first visit was just a bit over half of a day, and my second was a day and a half and I still would've enjoyed more time), and you're better off staying out at the resort if you can because it will save you a whole boatload of time. If you're going immediately upon arrival or before departure, you can take advantage of the high-speed TGV from CDG, which takes just ten minutes.

Parc Asterix was also thoroughly enjoyable, both as far as the park and its ride collection were concerned. Even though OzIris is really the only coaster that I would put up as world class (Tonerre de Zeus and Trace Du Horra were also both pretty good), it was a genuinely pleasant park to visit and one where I wish I had been able to spend more time (sensing a theme?).

You honestly can't go wrong either way. I'm a big Disney fan, and I feel like Paris has an attraction roster that rests higher on the thrill scale than its American counterparts, so I'll always vote Disney first, but if you're looking for something a bit different than what you can get here, Parc Asterix is definitely worth visiting. The quality of the park is better than what you'd find at a regional park here in the States.

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To add to your great comments, over at Disney, you will need two days ideally and budget for park to park tickets to make the most of your time. For one day, I'd skip the Studios and just concern myself with Disneyland Paris. When are you going? Phantom Manor may reopen in May after an extended refurbishment period and it will be an amazing experience.

Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris got brand new Vekoma MK-1212 trains recently, so its smooth and very comfortable. Vekoma MK-1212 trains are the same as the one that run on Carolina Cobra at Carowinds. Rock n Roller Coaster will close in September 2019 for 18 + months when it is transformed into an Iron Man coaster. Armageddon is closing April 1st and will be replaced by a new Spiderman dark ride.

Access is easy: get on a RER A train bound for MLV-Chessy-Disney.

On to Parc Asterix, they added Pegase Express in 2017 and if you liked Fire Chaser Express at Dollywood, its the same kind of ride. OzIris is world class as Sirloin Dude said with a very imaginative and unique layout. The visual puns in the waiting line are amazing. Tonnerre de Zeus hasn't aged well at all, but you may get a good ride on it.

For the shuttle, make sure to get out at the right terminal with the RER B line and get out at the airport (Aeroport Charles-De-Gaulle 1) and walk over to the bus station where they have a Parc Asterix counter.

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