Paranormal State at Conneaut Park

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I'm not sure if anyone else is a paranormal junkie - but they are doing a investigatory field trip at Conneaut park in June - I plan on going.

I'm not sure if this meets posting guidelines - as it is a chargeable event - but perhaps it is at least newsworthy and of interest to other ghost hunters/amusement park enthusiasts.

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Hmmm...they've already been to the hotel once, the show aired in January. Guess they've decided to go back (most likely because nothing happened the first time).

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Perhaps - I'm not a HUGE fan of this group - but Psychic Michelle Bellanger will there - I've met her and found her quite accurate and intriguing...

If they have 300 people signing up - I won't be there however. How could you possibly have an adequate investigation when you need crowd control....

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