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Sunday, September 9, 2001 3:47 PM
Today (9/9) is my birthday so being the coaster fan I am (lol) I talked my husband into packing the car and driving to Va to goto PKD.  Being that he's a passholder and I am an employee of PKI we wouldn't have to worry about cost too much.

Overall the park wasn't too bad.  There was a concert (O-Town) at the park and Nascar was going on in the city so it wasn't too busy. This was saturday August 8th.

HypersonicXLC- this was the first ride we rode.  I am glad we didn't wait too. we waited in line to be taken into the park. when they let us in we got to walk behind the guard. This same guard told us that his group is always the first to the ride. He had such long legs that when he was walking I was having to run.  Well when we got closer we saw the other group coming so then he told us we could run. run? i already was. well everyone started running but we was one of the first few in line. As a matter of fact we was on the first car to run w/park guest.  we sat in the third row.  When this ride took off and then stopped my heart started pounding fast.  Especially with the lights that let you know your about to fly. Takeing off i couldn't scream or anything but once we got to the top and started down i put my arms up. it was awesome i felt like i was flying.  I am so glad we rode when we did cause it hardly ran at all that day.

Hurler- This ride was walk on. course everyone was in line for hypersonic when we got here.  Not a bad ride. Nice wood and I personally loved waynes world and wish they could have kept a few more things.

Avalanche- we rode this because volcano was shut down for a while.  I had never rode a bobsled coaster so this was a nice ride to ride. especially right after eating. not too much to it.

Anaconda- we got lucky and had pretty much walk on with this ride. it seems as though it went through phases everytime we went by it. either there was a long line or it was short.  This ride is awesome and i love the drop.  I also love what we call "the mess" after the big break run in the middle of the ride.

Volcano- After this ride finally open back up we got to ride it. we had about a 15 min wait which was great compared to what i had seen throughout the day. It was really iffy if we would ride this ride cause it was closed mostly all day for whatever reason.  This ride is awesome. The themeing is awesome, the ride seems so short but it's a lot for a short ride. The launch is amazing.  I love how you get shot out of the volcano.

Grizzly- This is so tamed compared to when I rode it years ago, but it's still a good wood coaster. The wait for this coaster was probly 25 to 30 mins.  Its nothing compared to my Beast (pki) but its good coaster.


We didn't ride a few of the rides since we was mostly going for things pki didn't have.  The park was great and I was amazed they had metal detectors when at pki we don't.  Is crime really that high there? Either way it was a great stay and it was nice to visit pkd again. I hadn't been there since I was very young.

So there you have it :o)


Sunday, September 9, 2001 9:22 PM
Is crime high at King's Dominion? I don't live there, but I would suspect that they have metal detectors because they are located near Richmond, a major city. Someone though probably knows whether this a preventative measure, or because of an incident that happened previously.
Batwing-Bow Down
Monday, September 10, 2001 4:16 PM
yeah intaminfan and crazygal, there was a situation a few years ago....a guy brought a knife into the park(before metal detectors) and a fight broke out at somepoint in the day....i dont think anyone died, but 4 people went to the hospital.  ever since they have had the detectors....its a shame that one persons screw up ruins it for the rest of us.  its not that bad, but on days when the park is busy, the line can REALLY back up gettin into the park.
Sunday, September 16, 2001 7:27 PM
Yah, I think one guy died in that fight i remember watching it on the news a while back. Then like the very next year the park opened up with Metal Detectors.

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