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Saturday, May 17, 2003 7:42 PM
Today, Nightride, his friend Lars, and Nightride’s dad decided to go to PKD. We met in front of the Grizzly at 5:00. Well, this almost didn’t happen.

It wasn’t raining here where I lived, but my mom knew it might start back up, so she didn’t want me to go. It took a lot of convincing, so we decided on me leaving between 9:00-9:15 from the park. Once I got to the park and made my way back to Grizzly, I didn’t see them there. I realized I was about 15 minutes late, so I figured they decided to either ride Grizzly or leave me, because I told them I might not make it.

So, I decided to see if they were in the station, and I thought, I’m here, ride it. So I did. I waited for the second seats on the train. The closer to the front you are, the more airtime. The queue filled up each seat’s line length. I let these kids in front of me so they could ride with the people in the other line. I’m so nice, so nice that I gave up an Orange Train ride! So, I got the dreaded Yellow slow train, and was just that, slow. I got some nice pops of air, of course in the tunnel, but not as great as last weekend. Even though it was raining, it still was slow. When I got through the arcade at the exit, I found Dad (Its Nightride’s Dad, but I’ll just call him Dad), who said they got at the Grizzly about 5:25, so I was earlier then them! Eventually Lars and Nightride got off of Grizzly and we headed to Hurler.

I wish Grizzly’s line was more like Hurler’s, empty. I rode with Dad and waited for the front seat. Sitting in for the front seat when raining isn’t the best idea, but I still prefer front to the back seats. I would’ve gotten a better ride if the evil operator didn’t squish down my lap bar. The slouch didn’t work against him! Nice airtime for the first two parts of the ride, but the rest is just filled with hills. But the air we did get was satisfying, very good ejector air. We had our fill of Hurler, so we headed to Anaconda.

Oops, we sidetracked, we were there, so why not, we rode Rebel Yell. Nightride and Lars wanted to ride Backwards, but Dad and I went for forwards, front seat of course. They were running two trains, and only one other person for the front was waiting, so why not. Its been awhile since I’ve done the front on this ride, and I was pleasantly surprised. The first hill after the drop had some awesome floater air. Then the hill going into the turn-around had awesome ejector air as well. The return trip was mediocre as always. So now everyone had their fill of Rebel Yell, so it was time for some ride-age on Anaconda.

Lars and Dad decided to goto the potty, so Nightride and I went for Anaconda. The lines were only 2 or 3 train wait, but some people asked if we wanted to get in front of them, so we did and got right on. We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that our heads didn’t bounce around. That’s right, no head banging for us! There was, of course, some nice hang time in the corkscrews. We looked at our on-rides, and I was trying to stick my tongue out, but it didn’t look like it, and Nightride was sleeping on the headrest. Dad and Lars just looked normal. Not fun at all. After this, the group was getting hungry, so we left the park and headed to a diner called Welcome Back Diner.

We arrived at this small place, to which I’ve never been. When we came in, the people there welcomed us and me especially with a “Hey, you’ve brought a new guy.” Hmm…Nightride and Dad must go there enough to realize when they bring someone else new there. I thought I was going to order some Nathan’s Hot Dogs, but they don’t carry them anymore, so I guess they were just normal Hot Dogs. I was hoping for some Coney Island Dogs, but, any Hot Dogs are better than none. Also, I got an order of Cajun Freedom Fries. Well, they were suppose to be, but instead they had these Potato Crisps that looked like thick Potato Chips, but just like a French Fry. The people there are VERY nice. They are all conversational. The guy who brought our food, the cook, said he enjoys watching people eat, just as much as cooking. I would recommend this place to someone who is at PKD and if you don’t want to pay high prices. Its about 10 minutes south of PKD on Route 1.

We then traveled to Nightride’s house so they could put on warmer clothes because it has been raining all day. After, we finally headed back to PKD for some ride time!

Once we arrived, Nightride wanted to check out Volcano’s line. On the way, we rode Scooby-Doo. I tried to ride with Dad, but my butt was too big so I had to wait for the next train. I have a J. Lo Booty as I like to call it. The hills had some nice pops of airtime for a kiddie coaster. Definitely a must ride for anyone visiting the park. Though, if you’re tall, your legs will hit the seat in front of you and might be a squeeze. Also, the seats have seatbelts, and just one seat, no divider. We checked out Volcano’s line, and we didn’t feel like waiting, so we headed back to Grizzly, all our favorites at the park.

Once we got into Grizzly’s line, there was only one train running, but it was the Orange Train! We were all glad that it was the Orange train. It was running very fast and furious in the rain. It had the same airtime as it did before. I loved it. I rode with Dad twice, once in the third seat, and once in front. I had to leave because of my agreement with my mom, but that was okay.

Overall, it was a nice day, even though it rained all day. The rain made the woodies go faster than normal, which provided powerful rides. The lines for woodies aren’t ever too bad; it’s just the steel ones. We didn’t ride Drop Zone, but it was open, unlike last weekend. The line was kinda hefty for a mid-Saturday, but at night it had cooled down. Hypersonic had a huge line. Even Flight of Fear’s outside queue was FILLED. Definitely crowded, but the woodies weren’t too bad. A Nice Day, but was just short for me. I’m sure they got more rides in on Grizzly than I did. Thanks for Reading!

Free Falls on Drop Zone: 5!
Batwing Flights: 7!
Superman: Ride of Steel Airtime-age: 10!

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Sunday, May 18, 2003 9:15 AM
I was at PKD yesterday too. How f*cked up was it? How cold was it would you say, upper 30's? I was freezing my @ss off in my shorts and an NBA jersey!
Sunday, May 18, 2003 9:54 AM
Yeah, we got like 7 or 8 more rides in on Griz, and it was slowing down because of the temperature, but it was still the best there, and the air was good.

Like right after RCTfan left, Lars and I were doing the famous slouch to get more air, and "minisambob" stapled us in real tight, so I just jokingly said "I hate you" and this girl in front of us got totally p'd off and started yelling at us and was like "don't hate because you arent as hot as he is" and we just smiled and laughed at her and she got madder, and tried to hit us but she was under the lapbar, so it was soooooooo funny. And it turned out that when she got off the ride that was like 4 feet tall, and she tried to get us kicked out cause she knew the rideop, but the rideop knows us and just got mad at her, and it was so funny. She totally deserved it.

I hate it when "cooaster enthusiasts" put down coasters. Why can't we just have fun on all of them?


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