Paramount's Carowinds picture search

Friday, December 1, 2000 8:29 PM
Can any of you CoasterBuzzers (or Buzzettes) steer me to any web sites that have photos of the P's Carowinds coasters? Before my wife and I visit a park, I always compile a "book" of our planned trip activities, and a good array of pictures of the coasters we're going to ride is a big part of the book. We have Carowinds on the summer's schedule, but I'm having trouble finding very many photos of their coasters. If any of you can direct me to websites have have some, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.

Ride 'em all... and then again!
Saturday, December 2, 2000 2:46 AM
Go to it has 175 pictures of Carowinds. It also has other pictures of some other park. It is worth checking out.

I hope this helps you out.

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