Paramount's Carowinds formally announces 2002 products

Posted Tuesday, October 30, 2001 5:56 AM | Contributed by The Jet Coaster

Paramount's Carowinds has issued a press release revealing information about their 2002 products including Ricochet and Carolina Boardwalk.

Read it on XPP.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2001 6:57 AM
This is a great new addition, but why in the heck didn't they add a few new flat rides along with it?
Tuesday, October 30, 2001 7:19 AM
Leave it to Paramount......the frontier section becomes the coastal section (duplicating the removed Pirate Island section).  Goldrusher now is out of theme.  Why not expand a park instead of remodeling it and keep the nice theming that was there.
Tuesday, October 30, 2001 10:26 AM
I don't see how GoldRusher can be out of theme. It could be viewed as a mine train of the coast. I dunno, LOL.

Blue Ride Junction was very unthemed in general areas. I'll look forward to Carolina Boardwalk. It sounds more theme with more things to do there than before.

And John, I had originally thought before Susan Lomax denounced it, that C.B. would have flat rides, but I think she hinted me at the future. Who knows. We'll have to see next year and 2003.

Now, WHERE'S that B&M hyper we were supposed to get?! ;)

The Jet Coaster ROARS!
Will Johansson

Tuesday, October 30, 2001 12:36 PM
Although I have no reason to believe they will,I'd like to see them re-theme the goldrusher similar to adventure express(ae) at pki perhaps as Tomb Raider. Could you imagine the snakes from one of the tunnels on ae dangling from the rafters of the first(unenclosed) tunnel of the goldrusher or perhaps they could tunnel in the track between the station and the first lift and put in the blow darts from ae and place one of the trains they no longer use(gold rusher opened with 4 trains only 2 are used now) on one of the unused train storage tracks and fill it with skeletons
Can you tell I've thought about this
Hey cedar point redesigned the bobsleds as disaster transport so this isnt exactly unheard of
Tuesday, October 30, 2001 12:45 PM
Someone asked about possible flat rides in the boardwalk area I guess they could add some over the years if they open up the area where the sky buckets use to land although there is a resturant there and they are already removing one(caseys grill) for riccochet
Besides carowinds likes to remove flat rides like the wave swinger last year
They replaced it with a pay per experience attraction which i have have never seen anyone try
Smart move paramount
there are too many pay per rides at parks now anyway after having to pay to park and $40 to get in carowinds has at least 5
Tuesday, October 30, 2001 3:17 PM
Hey John13601, so without the Waveswinger, what else do they have in flat ides? I know of the Scrambler (Kelidoscope) and the Scream Weaver. Do they still have the Gauntlet, what was that thing? A Huss Topspin?
Tuesday, October 30, 2001 3:59 PM
flat rides besides the ones you mentioned john peck  are frenzoid(looping ship) dodgem(bump cars) kiddie flats  sky tower   drop zone (giant drop) 3 water rides and water park attractions (did i miss any?)

gauntlet is a falling star type ride   

carowinds needs to restock their flat rides like sf great adventure did a few years back

Wednesday, October 31, 2001 4:27 AM
I didn't realize that they took out the wave swinger, which is in my opinion one of the most wonderful flat rides still going.  It's sad how this park and most of the other Paramount parks are "improved".  Old rides are not maintained like Cedar Fair or Hershey, they are removed if they need maintenance.  For everything added, something is taken out. 

I really have a problem with Paramounts view on theming.  Carowinds in the 80's was one of the best themed parks around, each section was dedicated to some aspect of the Carolinas, and just about everything in each section was themed.  The remaming of the sections was the beginning of the decline.  Now its just becoming a hodgepodge of rides like the other Paramount parks.  The have did an equally poor job here at Kings Island with ride removal and misplaced theming.

Well, i hope they add some water somewhere in the new Boardwalk section.  As it is, its going to be a drydock boardwalk. :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2001 7:49 AM
yea pki has top gun in what was their african  jungle section

exactly where youd expect to find an aircraft carrier huh  

Wednesday, October 31, 2001 7:51 AM
carowinds top gun is in the carolina rfd section but at least its themed to a flight school
Wednesday, October 31, 2001 9:53 AM
Thats no worse than Batman in a wilderness town at SFWOA.

Also, from what I have heard, that Wave Swinger went over to PGA and are now known as the "Celebration Swings"

Wednesday, October 31, 2001 3:53 PM
John Peck: you are correct about Wave Swinger's relocation to Great America.

john13601: do you know what "Carolina RFD" is supposed to be themed to? All I see is natural stuff and Top Gun clearly stands out.

Super7 said: I really have a problem with Paramounts view on theming. Carowinds in the 80's was one of the best themed parks around, each section was dedicated to some aspect of the Carolinas, and just about everything in each section was themed. The remaming of the sections was the beginning of the decline. Now its just becoming a hodgepodge of rides like the other Paramount parks. The have did an equally poor job here at Kings Island with ride removal and misplaced theming.
Well, welcome to the new world of "theme park" business. After all, they plop down a ride, earn money, plop down a ride, earn more money.

The Jet Coaster ROARS!
Will Johansson

Thursday, November 1, 2001 3:27 AM
Carolina RFD used to be Country Crossroads, the theme was a country/hillbilly theme of the Carolinas.  Back in the 80's it had themed rides Hillbilly Jalopies and Wagon Wheel (trabant), a hillbilly bear animated show in Harmony Hall, and the buildings had a country theme to them such as a one room school house, etc. 

Pirate Island was the coastal themed area between Country Crossroads and Frontier Outpost (which became blue ridge junction).  It featured the wonderful schwarzkopf shuttle loop White Lightnin', family Flying Dutchman barnstormer like ride, and Black Widow monster.  Old World Marketplace was Queens Colony, Carolina Showplace was Carolina Midway (which had family Monorail and Speedway rides) , Paramount Plaza was Plantation Square antebellum theme and Animation Station was Hanna Barbera land.  County Fair had the Whirling Dervish wave swinger, PT Bumpems bumper cars, enterprise was called Meteorite, and Wild Bull bayern kurve.  Why would a pirate ship ride would be installed in County Fair when they had a Pirate Island area?

Thunder Road used to have trains with a car noses representing the sherrif and the bootlegger from the movie. 

At one time, this was a very well thought out, themed park.  But the lack of concern for keeping family rides and other rides and the focus on only installing mediocre coasters has took its toll on this park's theming as well as its family atmosphere, as just about all the Paramount parks have followed in that direction in my opinion. *** This post was edited by super7 on 11/1/2001. ***

Thursday, November 1, 2001 8:05 AM
Pretty  good explanation of the themed areas at carowinds SUPER7   except that white lightenin' was actually in carolina rfd/country crossroads  as in the whiskey moonshine  white lightenin' 

 yes most of the ride was in the pirate section but its station was in the rfd

as for the "pirate ship" in the fair ground section  when I worked there they tried to explain how each area or ride was themed to something in the carolinas(before paramount) when someone asked where FRENZOID NORTH CAROLINA was  they had no comment

Thursday, November 1, 2001 8:13 AM
pirate island is now considered part of the water park with the nickelodeon flying super saturator there in the same location as   the flying dutchman which  was replaced by  blackbeards revenge  which i believe is called a magic room generically  

many of the areas have under gone name changes over the years as SUPER7  said 

  last year Waynes World became  Thrill Zone and pirate island was  absorbed into  water works which has been called Ocean Island and Riptide Reef in the past  

Thursday, November 1, 2001 8:16 AM
I agree that White Lightnin' station was in Country Crossroads, and fit better to the theme there, but whover was in charge of the guide map that year  we were there in the 80's put it in Pirate Island.  Either way, it was a major loss to the ride quality at Carowinds, Scwartzkopf coasters are timeless.  Carowinds was my favorite park in the 80's because of it's theming and at that time it had rides that were equivalent to other parks.  Now, i don't think i would bother going back.
Thursday, November 1, 2001 2:58 PM
WHITE LIGHTENIN' was my first major coaster(i have one of those heart conditons thats supposed to  keep me off) but i lived and now i ridden over a  hundred  but i'd  love to ride it again 

 viper at sfog was a quick fix for the withdrawl but now its gone too  

Friday, November 9, 2001 10:41 AM
They need to add a few flat rides to the park. They have a ride at the state air that spins u sideways and upside down they need one of those. They also need to put a gravitron in (the kind that goes up and spins u upside down) like at the state fair called Top Spin. These rides would help lines on some of the otehr ride. these rides arent fast or tall but they are fun as crap!

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