Paramount's Carowinds 8-1-01

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Wednesday, August 1, 2001 10:27 AM
Time in Park: 9:40-12:45
2001 Visit #: 8th visit

This day was originally planned for a marathon on Top Gun of at least 50 rides, but due to my friend having to attend a meeting unexpectedly, I went for a few hours with family. Arriving at the park a few minutes open, I was able to ride Top Gun 6 times during the ERT. I have discovered that the best rides are the first few, when I am tired and not yet used to the feeling of riding. It feels like I am floating.

Thunder Road backwards was closed and forwards was running 1 train, but due to early short lines I was able to ride forwards in the front seat. It was a smooth, fast, fun ride.

Since the water-park was empty, I changed into a swimsuit and was able to ride the Super Saturator twice, Carolina Pipeline once, and Pipeline Peak three times without waiting. Then it was on to other things.

Drop Zone was line-less so I hopped on for another amazing ride. The airtime during the free-fall is great, and the ride appears to stop closer to the ground than in the past. Hurler was running well also, and air-time was abundant in car 2 seat 1.

Strolling across the park, I decided that since my younger sister was with me, I could ride the only coaster in the park I had never been on, Taxi Jam. It was well... a junior coaster. Carowinds I must say has 2 great junior coasters though in Animation Station. I like Scooby Doo much better than the Vortex and almost as good as Thunder Road. Taxi Jam was good for a children's coaster and it had some pops of airtime on the little humps, although it gave me knees a good bashin.

Before leaving I rode Top Gun 2 more times with no more than a 10 minute wait, giving me 8 rides for the day and 66 for this year. Overall, it was a good trip with no lines. I will be heading to Emerald Pointe again tomorrow to try my luck again at Hydra Fighter II (no storms this time PLEASE!) and I may try to get to Carowinds again on Saturday.

Top Gun: The Jet Coaster Flights in 2001: 66
Coaster Tracks Ridden: 54 *** This post was edited by StarCoasters on 8/1/2001. ***

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