Paramount's Carowinds- 10/27

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Saturday, October 27, 2001 3:01 PM

I just got back from Carowinds and Im sad to say it was the last public operating day, besides Scarowinds.
It was really cold, like 50 degrees, it was the coldest day I have ever been to a park.
Ill get right into the trip:
Food: 2/10
We ate at the Country Kitchen, near Top Gun and Thunder Road, Me and my friend got a bucket of chicken for 4.99, we thought it was a deal but, the chicken was horrible. It had this yellow jelly like coating and whenever you cut into it a red liquid, like blood, squirted out. It was gross!!. We threw it away and got some boardwalk fries, the best fries ever.

Rides: 9/10
The rides were running as usuall, The Flying Super Saturator broke down again, like the 150th time this season. When we were in line for Top Gun the train got stuck on the lift with like two cars still in the station, the other train came into the station and the came within inches of each other! Also, Frienzoind was running alot longer than usual, my friend lost his wallet on it! He got it back but he was missing 28 bucks!

Everything else in the park was as usual exept for the themeing for Scarowinds, dead bodies and stuff hanging on the light poles.

My last trip of the season was a average one.

Top Steel: Top Gun: The Jet Coaster Top Wood: Lightning Racer

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