Paramount Parks since Cedar Fair acquisition

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I'm sure most of us know about some of the changes here and there at Kings Island since Cedar Fair acquired the Paramount Parks so far, such as:

- Installation of 3-Point Challenge between Happy Days Diner and Italian Job
- Some new signs, such as "Welcome to Kings Island" at the front gate
- Better wardrobe enforcement and/or changes
- Cleaner pathways

However, I haven't heard much about the little things at the other four Paramount Parks so far. If you've been to PCW, PKD, PGA or Carowinds in mid-to-late July, have you seen anything different, even if minor? I know that there won't be any large, very noticable changes until next year, but anything so far?

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About 485 black rubbermaid trashcans at PKD.

I like rollercoasters.
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That must have taken forever to count! ;)
Besides the trash cans at PKD, Anaconda was running with a very restrictive mid-course brake. I mean, my friends and I went down there for the November weekend last year (hope they don't ax that), and it just flew through there. Other than that, not much diffrent. I will say they were running two trains on everything I saw (three on Italian Job) on a busy Sunday, and wait times weren't that bad (except on Volcano, but what can you do?).

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^^^I think the ride you had back in November may have been the exception, not the rule. I'm not a PKD regular though so maybe the MCBR on Anaconda is more finnicky than I thought.

Fast or slow those transitions are pretty horrible no matter what, anyway.

The Paramount parks have, traditionally, slammed on the MCBRs on many of the coasters. PKI has been guilty of bringing Vortex and FoF to a complete stop in the MCBR in the past.
Have any of the other parks changed their signs to remove the "Paramount" like the "Welcome to Kings Island" sign at KI?
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The MCBR at FOF at KI had to have COMPLETELY stopped the train when I rode it Wednesday night. Usually, it would either slow down or simply continue through with little or no braking. Must be new brakes.

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PCWonderland has new uniforms with the words ''grounds crew'' on the like they do at CP, you know the red shirts:) Also, the waterpark (Splashworks), has had weird operation scheduals this summer usually it is open EVERY day but this season it has seemed to be closed almost everytime i visited the park(4 times in total it was closed, I've visited 5 times)
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When Splash Works was closed, were these on cool, inclement, or low attendance days, such as when schools were in session in late May? I don't think they'd close a waterpark in regular operating season, especially when it may get really hot.

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well, for starters, they've scrapped the FoF move from PKD to Carowinds. I know, I know....

Also, they have decided to do away with the most Paladium concerts. Concerts aren't CF's thang apparently.

Oh, and they've given the axe to numerous employees based here in Charlotte's Paramounts headquarters and beyond....

It appears there will be no capital projects at Carowinds for '07. :(

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CoastersNSich said:
- Installation of 3-Point Challenge between Happy Days Diner and Italian Job
That's something they're doing at all of the existing parks too. They put one in at Cedar Point and it was like a license to print money. I noticed Geauga Lake's is open now too when I was there Friday. We did the math, and assuming fairly regular use, those things can net $200,000 a year easily after wages and the cost to install the equipment.

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Someone please enlighten me...whta exactly is a 3-point challenge? One of those basketball games?

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$5 for a ridiculously challenging game. PURE GENIUS! And Jeff is right in saying it is like a license to print money. It is possible to win, but I don't know that many people that can sink about a dozen three pointers in a row, in a matter of 30 or 40 seconds.

Cedar Fair is sure to make loads of money from those games.


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What I am anxious to find out is if Cedar Point will offer and extra fee on their season passes to get into King's Island like they do Geauga Lake. One price for all three parks?

Or will it be a thing where any Cedar Fair season passes outside of Ohio will be valid at ALL Cedar Fair parks across the board including the Ohio parks?


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I watched the three point challenge at WOF for three hours when it opened May 20th. And it's not like the game is all or nothing as far as winning. Here one basket will get you a small stuffed toy, about 6 points will get you a basketball, 10 or so points will get you an athletic jersey or jacket and a perfect score wins an ipod. On a crowded day the thing brings in about $5 a minute. *** Edited 7/31/2006 2:26:55 AM UTC by WOF Guy***

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

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There's been lots of people gathering around KI's 3-Point Challenge the last couple times I've been there - almost like the scene that ensued after they installed the Sling Shot in 2002 - lots of peeps!

My guess with the closing of the PP office in Charlotte, Kings Island will be one of the better treated former Paramount parks... Can you eventually say good-bye to TimberWolf Amphiteatre? If not, they need to spruce up the place, IMHO.

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Yeah, that 3-point challenge game is pure genius. Even at Geauga Lake where crowds are minimal when I was there, there was always someone waiting in line to play.

Can you say cha-ching?

Six Flags should look into installing these games.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

But would that really fit the family image of Six Flags? Do we really want more teens bouncing basketballs on the midway?

Prowler. Opens May,2 2009.

Bingo, WOF guy. That's one of my pet peeves about parks (SF in particular) is those ****ing basketballs.

If I ever get rich and build a park all balls will come can pump them up at home.

For years I've loved CP even more because it seemed the most basketball-free major park.....for years there was ony the one near Demon Drop, right? Sometimes I bet I went a day and only saw 5 or 6 people bouncing themon the midway. In other parks you could see that much in 60 seconds.

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