Paramount & CF seeking $20.8 million for SoB issues

Should have used a more reliable company to build the ride... like Intamin ;)
I wonder if CF will go after Intamin a year from now for Maverick?

This will be an interesting case to watch.

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Why would Paramount go after Intamin?

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Sucks to be CF. Didn't they own sonny for 9 days when the accident happened?

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"...lighter cars will make for a smoother ride, Ross said."

:) Wanna bet? ;)

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^I'm almost certain that at least one person in the boardroom said exactly that... ;)
I won't be suprised if I know who said that gator... :p

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Why are they even bothering to "fix" the darn thing. I hate that ride and now the PSUCKlone is gone this is my next coaster that I am rooting for to be dozed in.
I won't profess any love for Sonny, but isn't anyone else at least a little curious to see how it will be with the modifications and new trains? I've been beaten up by G-Trains on Legend and The Boss but absolutely loved both rides. (Of course, those have layouts that are more than just going around in a circle over and over again, but I digress.) Not saying there will be a huge improvement or anything, but I at least want to try it once.

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I'd be more curious had SOB not been down during my visit to the park last year (before the incident occurred), but yeah, I'm kinda curious to hear how the modified ride turns out.
I think they should go to GCI to retrack this thing, from riding and seeing them in action their retracking project of Arkansas Twister went very well. Plus its GCI, but Intamin and TGG would be great also.

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Are we now sure it will be 2nd generation G-trains?
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After one particuarlly bad ride on SOB a few years ago (hald welts on both thighs the size of baseballs) I vowed never to ride the thing again. However, whenever it opens this summer, I will try it again and hope they fixed it. My concern about the G2s though is their lap bar apparatus. I assmue its simlar to the G1s in that it is u shaped and if it is and the ride shuffles as much as it used to my guess is that will be my final ride ever on SOB. I do not enjoy having my legs slammed repeatedly into hard metal pipes for 3 minutes.

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