PA/NJ Trip 7/22-25 Part 2 (HP and DP) (extremely long)

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We had a very easy time finding HP. After being so disappointed in KG I only prayed that HP would not be the same. I knew though right as we saw the first gift shops that we would love this park. It just has a perfect atmosphere. Everyone is so pleasant. The poark is beautiful. Near everyone was very nice, it was just so much more enjoyable to be there than the two previous parks. It literally felt like a more thrilling version of Disney. It is what I would imagine Disney's version of a thrill park would be like.

We immediately headed for Storm Runner. Its top hat seemed to draw us. I was excited to see how reliable it seemed to be knowing how terrible it is when TTD breaks down. After no more than a 30 minute wait we sat down in the back seat. However, the ride ops told my dad that he was too big evewn when the seat belt had fastened so I was forced to ride alone. Suddenly a ride op came and stapled me beyond belief. I knew this was going to be a painful ride. The launch was surprisingly powerful and the ejector air over the top hat is incredible. The zero-g roll was incredibly painful being stapled in. While the ride was great, the pain made the ride only a 9/10. Hopefully, tomorrow I could ride with less stapling and the ride-ops would be more leniant about my dad fitting in.

Next was Great Bear. The ride was entertaining, but it lacked anything that made it overly noteworthy. It was smooth and fun but only worthy of an 8/10.

I was excited for SooperDooperLooper, but was disappointed when I found a boring, meandering ride with no real point. The loop was fun, so I will give it a 6.5/10, but this is by far the worst Schwarzcopf (I know I spelled that wrong) I have ever ridden.

I rode Comet while the line was short and was so displeased with the amount of trim brakes and lack of airtime. 6/10.

It had gotten dark by this time and the park was beautifully iluminated. I decided to go and ride Lightening Racer while it was dark. I sat on the Thunhder side and while waiting Thunder had won every race thus far. However, I was the one train that lost on Thunder. Regardless, the ride was fun, however, was missing some airtime that it could have had. I'll give it an 8/10 because the lights and the dueling really added something extra to the ride.

It was near closing by this point so we left and went to the hotel for the night. This was a new record for us. 3 parks in one day, so spread apart.


This day was devoted entirely to HP. my dad was feeling much better by this point. We got to the park at around 9:30. This time my dad goton Storm Runner. Unfortunately, the ride broke down while we were in line, but it was only about twenty minutes of downtime which cleared out most of the line. This time we waited for the front. The ejector air was even better this time and the visuals were incredible. Definitely much better than last time. This time a 9.5/10.

I rode Sidewinder and found it the same as any other Boomerang. 5/10.

Trailbalzer was probably the worst mine train I have ever been on. 3/10.

Great Bear was yet again lacking in intensity but still very fun.

We then went over to finish up the rest of the coasters at HP. Temperature that day didn't reach over eighty degrees. However, the huge shoot-the-chutes ride, tidal Force was just so tempting. We hadn't planned on getting very wet so we neglected to bring our bathing suits. The ride was quite fun, but the water was quite cold and we didn't bring clothes to change into to the park. I figured we might as well just ride Roller Soaker next. I didn't think we could get any wetter than we already were.

When we got over, we found out just how wrong I was. I have never been so wet, while wearing clothes, or as cold. Over and over the people on the irde plastered us while we were in line. Then once we got pon the ride it was even worse. Although, I have never ahd more fun on a water ride. It was terrific, although very cold. The ride experience all in all was a 7/10 but prbably could have been an 8/10 just for sheer fun if it had been warmer.

We bought towelsd and went back to the hotel to change into dry clothes. Feeling much better we went back to the park.

When we got back we rode Storm Runner again to get a better on-ride photo, yet again in the front seat. It was still just as fun.

Then we went back to ride Wildcat and Wild Mouse. I thought Wildcat was okay it just wasn't, like Twister, my cup of tea. I much prefer airtime to laterals. It was good enough for a 7/10.

Their wild mouse was pretty fun although kind of oainful like all wild mouses. The experience was standard. 6/10.

My dad had yet to ride LR so this time I tried Lightening. The experience was similar if not identical. Still 8/10 and I still lost.

To wrap up HP we rode Storm Runner a final time at night this time. Still as great as ever.

We had a hard time getting to our car as there was a Hilary Duff concert at the Giant Center, where we were forced to park and it took forever to walk there after taking the tram as far as it would go.

All in all I loved Hersheypark. I will definitely go back. It is my second favorite park right after Cedar Point. I think it could be better with more thrilling coasters in the league with Strom Runner, however HP is nigh on perfection. A 9.5/10.


Originally we were supposed to spend our last day at HP, but since we had gotten there early there was no need, so we decided to head to DP, before flying back home from PHL. We got there nearly an hour before opening by mistake as we got there faster than anticipated.

Once finally let in we headed to Talon where we had to wait about ten minutes for them to open the ride. There we got in the front seat and ahd a decent ride. I thought Talon was much better than Great Bear, but it wasn't any better than B:TR. It was a good 9/10.

Next we rode Wild Mouse, which I believe is the same model as the one at HP with different cars. Still 6/10.

Next was Woodstock Express. What is it with kiddie coasters? They are the most brutal rides in the park. Are we trying to give young children back problems? This was amazingly painful. 3/10.

We then rode Steel Force. This was the most disappointing ride I think maybe in the history of hyper coasters. It should be as airtime filled as Magnum, however, because of HEAVY braking it is terrible, just like Thunderhawk which I will get to. I'll give it a 7/10 simply because of its speed.

We then headed to Thunderhawk which is possibly the most boring wooden roller coaster ever because of all the barking. When you need a trim brake to get to the brake run that's pretty sad. 3.5/10.

Laser was the most pleasant surprise of the trip. I thought Lazer was going to be mediocre. Similar to Scorpion. However, I do not think I have ever experienced such strong positive G's. I thought the loops were incredible. 8/10, because of a bit of discomfort.

The final ride, because they wouldn't let me on Little Lazer, was the Dragon Coaster. 3/10.

That rounds up the best trip I have taken thus far. I had a great time. Dorney Park was a decent park. i suppose I'll give it a 7/10. Although, I really have no desire to go back sicne the only re-rideable coaster in the park is Talon.

Thanks for reading.

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Wow. We are pretty much completely different in our coaster preferences. Wildcat is one of my favorite wooden coasters. It has some pretty good airtime in it, I think.
Steel Force isn't braked that much. You didn't sit in the right seat on Thunderhawk...if you have, you'd given it a much higher rating.
Hershey is a great park. I don't know about being 2nd behind CP, but it is a good park to have as my home park.

Steel Force is a decent ride, but of all the hypers I have ridden it is my least favorite. It just ok. I agree with you on that.

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SFGAdv lover, what seat would be the right one? Thunderhawk is braked so heavily coming back to the station it kills any fun you were just about to have. And the sad part about it is, as TTDragster14 pointed out is that the brake is to slow the train so it will be easier on the riders entering the brake run. Well how about re-profile the brake run so it doesnt run downhill so sharply?

Thats where you start to notice the differences between corporate and family parks I think. Phoenix and Twister are left to rip through their respective courses while Thunderhawk is gimped because of the brake run.

The Wild Mouse at HP and DP are made by different companies (Mack and Maure Sohne respectifully).
There is just something about this report that I find a little jaded.

"Suddenly a ride op came and stapled me beyond belief."

What? In my experince, the ride ops push a little to make sure that the restraints are where they need to be... no stapling.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"

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