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Sunday, July 15, 2001 12:29 PM
My rating system: 1 smile=worst, 5 smiles=best.

Palace Playland

After having dinner a few blocks from Palace Playland, we decided to go over and take a ride on Galaxy.

Galaxy (1 lap): Galaxy was painted pink and green for this year. We waited about ten minutes for the front seat. Galaxy has two pretty good drops and helixes. :) :)

Funtown USA

We bought starlight passes for $14.00 (from 5:00-10:00). We immediately got in line for Dragon’s Descent.

Dragon’s Descent (6 drops):We were going to try to get ten rides on this but the line was surprisingly long for Funtown. The longest wait (30 minutes) is probably because the ride is new for 2001. Very cool entrance and theming. I like the dragon’s eyes at night. Ok, am I the only person who likes S&S Towers better than Intamin Giant Drops? Dragon’s Descent is intense. I love dropping to the bottom and then being pushed back up again. We also got the last two rides of the night. If you ask the ride ops nicely, they will let you on. Of course this only happens if there is no line. :) :) :) :) :)

Excalibur (4 laps):If anyone cares, my cousin helped build this roller coaster. Anyway, as you enter the large castle themed station, you will notice on each separate car there is the name of a famous knight. Of course King Arthur is on the front car. Excalibur has a great first drop. There is airtime during the entire drop. Next, the train goes up and makes a 180 degree turn to the right. Then, it dives back through the structure. After this, it becomes a fast ride through the woods with plenty of airtime and head choppers. Night rides are awesome on this ride. :) :) :) :)

Galaxy (1 lap):Same model as at Palace Playland. :) :)

We rode the Thunder Mountain Log Flume, which gets you extremely wet compared to most flumes. We also rode the Sea Dragon, Antique Cars, Grand Prix Racers, Bumper Cars, Flying Trapeze, and Thunderbolt. Pretty good for five hours on a Friday night, huh?
Parks for 2001: SFEG, HP, BGW, PKD, FUSA, Lakeside.

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