Painted Woodies?

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I was wondering if there have been any wooden coasters made in the last 5 or so years that have actually been painted. There are some coasters that I can think of off the top of my head that are painted white like the Rebel Yell (Kings Dominion), Comet (Hershey Park), Wild One (Six Flags America), etc. Then you have the rare one that is painted in another color like the Scobby Doo Ghoster Coaster (Kings Dominion). Lately though it seems that woodies are left standing in the nude. I'm sure it has to do with costs and how long it would take to repaint woodie, but I'm not looking for that aspect. I'm just trying to see if there are any newer woodies that get a nice paint job nowadays.

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That is a good question... Ill have to do some research on that...

After looking on RCDB. This is the only one I could find that is painted in around ten years.

Not sure is some have been painted after any on the RCDB photos though.

I guess paint cost to much and it is a pain when replacing wood to match the existing paint.

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The cost of painting a structure the size of a coaster has
become prohibitive. However most coasters in the past 25 
years have been built of pressure treated wood, which is 
impervious to most insect infestations and rot. Rot was 
original reason for paint, but it was found that paint 
could trap moisture in the wood, causing it to fail 
prematurely. Euclid Beach Park was one of the earliest
proponents of not painting coaster structure, hence their
rides always had a silver/gray look for the majority
of their lives. Most pressure treated lumber will not 
take paint , i.e. it will peal off in sheets. There are
some treatment systems out now that allow stain coat to
be applied, but like painting it's an expensive, labor
intensive process that is fraught with complex procedures 
to satisfy enviornmental regulations.

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When I was a kid the only kind of coaster, it seemed, was the white painted woodie. I thought Euclid Beach was just cheap and refused to do it! (Besides, they only owned green paint anyway! :) )

The above mentioned reasons why wooden coasters no longer see paint may be accurate, though, and explain why we see so many plain janes these days. IMO, a good example of a recent ride that screams for paint is Terminator, but a better one is Evil Knievel. In the St. Louis section of the park it would be so charming and theme appropriate if it were white with red and blue trim. Perhaps it'll come later. The rides in the back end of Hersheypark could use some paint to complete the old fashioned midway look, and I've always thought Gemini would look beautiful with a coat of paint. I know, I know...

Cedar Point's Blue Streak originally ran as a natural coaster, as did Raging Wolf Bobs, and they're the only ones I can think of off hand that changed mid-life to a painted one. Hoosier Hurricane recieved white paint over steel, and it looks much prettier. Cornball still has the bare steel look, I believe.

I guess rides like Prowler, Renegade, and even El Toro are better left natural, as they have wooded settings or at least project that image. Coasters like Boardwalk Bullet and Ravine Flyer are a toss up for me, and would look good either way.

Without researching the subject, I believe the last new painted woodie in the U.S. was the Sky Princess at Dutch Wonderland. I'm not counting moved and rebuilt rides that may have been repainted. Anyone know a newer ride than the Princess?

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Starliner at Cypress Gardens was painted white...but I guess that doesn't count. ;)

RCMAC, great ideas on coasters that should be painted. I completely agree about Evel Knievel---I think the fresh appearance looks nice right now, but in a couple of years when the wood begins to weather a bit (see Thunderhead and Kentucky Rumbler), that ride could benefit SO much from a coat of white paint with red and blue trim. It would look great with those beautiful trains that run on it...


This discussion pops up every few years. I think the Teddy Bear at Stricker's Grove (1996) was the latest anyone came up with.

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Beastie, or whatever it's called now, at Kings Island was painted just a few years ago. Or by few do I mean ten? It's been awhile.

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Maybe I should change the subject to which woodies NEED to be repainted. LOL... A lot of those white painted coasters are looking kind of beat. :(

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Well, The Yankee Cannoball (I KNOW I bring it up damn near every time, but NO ONE else seems to even RECOGNIZE that there IS a park north of SFNE.) just got a repaint within the past couple of years and it looks better than ever.

The only thing it needs is a facelift on the station (icky 70's look. It may work for CP's 'Screw, but not for a coaster that's 70 years old.)

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