Pacific Park (Santa Monica Pier) 8/16

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Monday, August 20, 2001 11:01 AM
My family wanted to spend a day at the beach andwith some luck we ran straight into Pacific Park.  It is just a little park on the Santa Monica Pier.  You can buy an all day pass or you can buy tickets for $1.50.  We actually bought a book of 20 tickets for $20. 

My mom, dad, little sister, and I road the Sea Fury.  I don't know who built it.  It was a good spin ride.  I think it is probably the best ride on the pier. 

With the few tickets we had left my sister and I rode the West Coaster.  I told my mom I thought it was a Morgan coaster by the track as we walked in and sure enough right on the front of the train it had Morgan's label.  This coaster isn't fast but it has a nice couple of bunny hops and you get thrown out of your seat coming into the station.  The nice thing is that they let us go around twice. 

We gave away our last 2 tickets to some girl who couldn't believe we were giving them away for free.  Pacific Park is like a little carnival.  If you are in the area you should stop by and check it out.  It is a nice setting with the ocean and beach.  The employees load the rides slower than tar but it doesn't really matter because no one was really there anyway.

Monday, August 20, 2001 11:17 AM
Yay!  Someone that has the same views of me about Westcoaster. :)  I was there on Sunday and it was packed.  Sea Fury I think is the name of their CHAOS.
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