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Just got back from a work related trip to Seattle, Being that school didnt start till Tuesday, I decided to fly out there on Friday night and get a little coaster ridding in first.

Saturday morning after only 5 hrs in my hotel, I headed east down I-90 for Silverwood, I arrived there at about 1:30 to find the park completly packed, and was parked in the grass lot south of the main lot.

Being that it was so crowded I only had time for one ride each on the three coasters waiting about 30-45 min for each. Tremors really gives Legend a run for it, its now my number three woodie right behind Legend and just above Cornball Express. Loads of Air, and Lats. And those tunnels, oh boy even I had to put my hands down. Love the way the station and gift shop are built to resemble earthquake damaged structures.

Timber Terror, Dont tell Brent but this one beat out Shivering Timbers for the Out and back number one. It had perfect floater air on every hill in the back seat.

As I said the park was so packed that I had to drive all the way back to Spokane to get supper, there was a 1 hr wait at the Sitdown resteruaunt and I didnt feel like junk food.

Spokane, was cool. I stayed at the Doubletree downtown, I love Priceline! $49.00 with tax. There I walked around Riverside park, and checked out there Ice Rick turned summer amusment park, complete with powered Zamperila Coaster which I passed up. I was pleasantly supprised to Find the 1909 carosel in the Pavilion complete with Brass Ring Machine. I ended the night at the AMC and The Pirates of The Caribean, I love the little tie ins with my favorite dark ride.

Sunday I drove back to Seattle over Stevens Pass on US-2 and on Monday went to Mt. Rainier NP, and even got a glance of Mt. St. Helens.

Tuesday after my first day of class in Redmond, I headed down I-5 for Enchanted Village, and TimberHawk, This is probably the most rundown Six Flags property out there. The Ops on Wild Thang were a bunch of goof balls, and really needed some adult supervision, but at least they were giving two laps around for each train.

Timberhawk is in a word rustic, it is theamed as a saw mill and fits in perfectly, It was down for a malfunction for the first 20 mins of my wait. It appears to have problems getting back to the station thru the brake run. It just creeps back to the station. In fact, I felt that it was moving is slow motion, like its not fully broken in. Its a nice little family coaster, I think it is what was intended for Cornball but didnt happen. Its got great head choppers, and it passes the same crossover point three times, makes a great spot for pics on the exit ramp.

Gold Rusher was down, so I had to settle for the Tomahawk and a ride on the Hang Glider to make it a night. This is the first park I have been to where shirts are not required outside the water park, I would say at least half the Teenage males were shirtless. As an aside I actually saw the lights on Wild Thing from the plane coming in Friday night.

Wednesday was too much traffic to get downtown, and I now regret it as this was the clearest day of the week and Rainier was spectacular from Bellevue.

Thursday night I managed to get downtown and visit the Space Needle, ride the monorail, Eat at Westlake Center,and of course ride the Windstorm, those little SDC's are wicked, the Train was delayed while a mother from a Middle Eastern country argued with the ops in what seemed to be Turkish or Arabic, to let her little ones ride.

All and all a great time and I did actually learn somthing about Defibrillators, at Physio-Control in the process too.


Beware of Kiddie Coasters

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Ack! Why the hell didn't you write me? Am I that bad? ;) I would have loved to have gone with you to SFEV and Seattle Center. I even work in Bellevue!

Glad you had a nice time at Silverwood, though. :)
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Sorry Rob I didnt think of it. I was staying at the Days Inn at 156th and I-90, and my class was at Medtronic on Willow Rd. I had a great time, but felt real out of place at EV in my kakis and polo shirt as i went right from class tuesday night.

By the way my pictures are up on


Beware of Kiddie Coasters
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Dave - You summed up my thoughts exactly about Timber Terror and Tremors... Timber Terror beats Shivering Timbers in my book and Tremors is right below Legend for me... Both of those coasters are monsters at night, it was a tough decision which one to make the last ride of the night when we were there!

-Keith "Badnitrus" McVeen

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