PA, NJ NY trip. Funtown, Casino and Steel Pier and a Hard Rock

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This day started rough as we didn't get to sleep till about 3am thurs morning from our visit to Moreys.
We ended up getting to Seaside heights about 1pm. Funtown and Casino piers are in the area and we found free parking easily accessable to the Funtown pier area.

Funtown offered a ride till 6pm pass wich included a ride on the S&S tower and a go kart ride for 15 dollars. Take it, it's a deal for the area. We rode the looping Galaxy a few times. The family coaster (Miller) and that crazy type mouse thing Id never seen a another model of several times in a couple hours there. Also got our S&S tower ride, Go Kart. did the kite flyer and a couple things before moving up to the carousel arcade and finding a room called flashback that had several old video games and pinballs.

About 3 we ventured down to Casino Pier. We visited on a thursday because we had heard of a POP offer that we found was only good from 9 to midnight. Ok, It's 4pm! Heres our delemma. Each coaster cost about 7 dollars. The darkride is 5. but ticket deals are offered. It cost up to 14 tickets at 75 cents a each to ride the big coaster.

We buy a fifty dollar book of tickets which has some food deals, One free skyride ride ect. A But we head off to ride the coasters starting with Pirates hide away. If Im not mistaken this is the replacement for the reviered Wizards Cavern.

IMHO the circular lift was the only highlight with a empty building basically housing a rather uninspiring coaster. Some walls, curtains or anything could help this ride.

Next up we did the Hot Tamalie wheel lift coaster for the credit.

Star Jet was next. I had never ridden one and this one out at the end of the pier is actually the first time I can say I ridden a coaster that was over the ocean. Its big for a portable big mouse version. The ride is ok and fun. Kinda reminded me of the old Herschell Giant mouse's that are very rare and the only one still running and I know of is at Quassy.

The Wild Mouse was rather, Well, Mousy. Ok but the end had this little helix thing that basically tossed us like rag dolls. Best ending to a mousy ever

The Haunted Mansion was excellent and long. I wish we could have ridden more but $$$ damn this park could bankrupt you quick!

We had enough tickets that me and rob could ride the Star Jet again and Deb would use the free round trip Skyride.

The skyride must have taken 45 minutes. Its that long. I basically hung out, checked out a couple things and when they returned We checked out the carousel at the Casion Pier. Very old loof-somebody carousel. Lots of old Casino pier pics ect.

A stroll back down the beach and a bucket of fries were to tide us over till we found a good seafood restaurant in Atlantic CIty.

Atlantic City and Steel Pier.

We arrived about 8pm, Parked in the Taj Mahal for 5 bucks proceeded thru the Taj to Steel Pier wich is right out the east side of the Casino.

First of let me say skip STEEL PIER unless your just a cre ho. Everything in Atlantic City has a 13.5 percent sales tax making our 6.50 per crazy mouse ride 7.23
One ride on the non spinning spinny mouse (At least in my case the pin never unlocked) and we were done with Steel Pier.

We went back in the Taj. were starving only having some fries since breakfast. Hell with looking around for food. HARD ROCK was right there!

I enjoyed Hard Rock although or 70 dollars in food was almost 90 by the time the tax was added and over 100 with tip I left. Potato Skins, Basically I had the cheesburger, Rob had a Cajon pasta dish and Deb had Mac and Cheese with a chicken breast. Not 72 dollars worth of food by a long shot but hey. It's the hardrock and Kareokee with the songs and video was standard fare.

We walked out on the beech at Atlantic CIty. Nice waves comming in. No swimming after dark but we dodged the rogue waves and enjoyed it.

Back in the Casino we decide to play a little bit. After we all lost about 20 bucks each we met each other in passing and agreed it was time to go. at one point I was even but lost in total about 15 bucks. Cheap visit to the casino if you ask me but I just don't get it.

Would I do atlantic City again? HELL NO! Seedy version of Vegas if you ask me with strip joints and peep shows mixed in with multi million dollar buildings. The whole islands a dump.

Chuck, next up a very surprising day at Great Adventure

I didn't see a mention of Centrifuge at Casino Pier. Did any of your group try it?

Stillwalk Manor is a great Haunted House.

The crazy mouse type coaster at Funtown seemed more out of control than most braked mice. I know I was wondering if it was going to come off the tracks last year when I was there.

As for Steel Pier and AC yeah it's seedy as all H E double hockey sticks. I go maybe once a year and try not to leave the casino I am playing at.

I also agree about Hard Rock. It's not about the food there it's about the surroundings. I try to hit most Hard Rock Cafe's when travelling but don't eat at many I buy a shirt and see what I can check out then go about the rest of my visit to the area they are in.

Watch the tram car please....

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