PA, NJ, NY Trip Day 5 Hershey Park Mon June 23rd 2008

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Me and Rob had visited Hershey in 2003. His wife however had never visited. We enjoyed our visit then. This time was no different with minimal waits and a great overal selection of coasters and rides.

We started with Super Dooper Looper skipping Comet as it had a long line early (First coaster in the park) Then did the flume and then Great Bear.

Both coasters were good, not outstanding for their type but good as I had remembered. We did the condor and made our way over to Storm Runner.

Storm Runner. 2 train wait. My first intamin launcher as it has the OTSR much more accomidateing restraint than say MF or S:ROS's
This ride suprised me. The launch wasn't all that great but the whole ride seemed to keep me out of my seat and floating around within the restraints almost the entrire ride. The only drawback IMHO was it seemed a little short. Much like Mystery Mine. Just when you think it's got a couple more elements to go. It ends.

Flyers and Train. Well I snapped. Rob showed restraint as he got us kicked off in 2003. We never rerode but had planned too. The train is a Crown steamer jr sized compared to say Kings Islands but is enjoyable with indian scenes and a view of the zoo.

Next stop was Fareinhight. We just looked at it as a Intamin version of a B&M looping machine. Boy were we wrong. First rides were up front but later in the day we all took a backseat ride. INSANE air and the forces and direction changes are just Phenominal. The vertical lift and staging to it were interesting. The ride was GREAT! and we rode it two other times. Wait was never more than 20 minutes with midday being about 10 minutes.

Next up Deb and Rob rode the raft ride. I had no desire to get wet today as I had blisters from Dorneys Raft ride the day before. I had ridden in 2003 and remember some nice Fallage but I don't remember being super impressed like Dorneys did. I decided for a smoke break and got to meet several interesting people. Mostly familys while Rob and Deb waited in the half hour line for the raft ride. I let my feet dry out. They came back stating it was better than Dorneys.

Wildcat. I STILL DON"T GET IT! Big curving drop, Nothin. Big curving drop, Nothing. Repeat, repeat, repeat. The trains were much better the ride still lags for me. It's ok. Guess I'll never get it.

Mousy 1. For some reason they Ahh a real mouse ran as it should be. Unbraked! and Continuous loading!

Whip, Better than I remembered but still lacking as it has concrete floors and polyurethane wheels.

Lightning racer. Me and Rob love this coaster. It's fun. tons of direction changes and lots of interaction. Im a thunder man myself. Out of three rides I took two on Thunder and when all three us rode thunder. WE WON!

I have no idea why there isn't a lightning racer in every major amusement park in the nation. The rides what? 7-8 years old and I seen like 50ft total of non ORIGINAL WOOD!

Another Farenhieght ride *I know Im spelling it wrong* and then we decide on BBQ for Dinner, Me and Rob have the Turkey leg meal and Deb has a Pulled pork sub and we decide to eat at the nearby food court that features a country show. Deb wanted to see the 6pm show near the hershey challenge but the show at dinner started and we watched it instead. Still I was impressed to see the lady on the fiddle clog and fiddle at the same time and she wasn't lollygaging either. Show ended with Devil Went down to Ga and it was a pretty good show themed to the area of the park it was in. Rode the mine train earlier in the day so it was off to do Lighning Racer and a few other things some more and end with a Farenheight and FLyer *In case we got kicked out the day would be over anyway*

Rode LR a couple more times split the trains so we could race each other then back up to get a final ride on Farenhight. Five minutes from getting on Im seeing lighting and they shut the ride down. Ok, I say it's over and we head for the flyers but by the time we got out the storm had hit. Lets just say a stop by the Dutch Chocolate shop and a basically waterflume like tram ride were the ending of our day.

We love Hershey park. I'd recomend it to anyone to visit durring non peak times. Tons to do. Good coasters and a good sellection of them. A family corporate at its best.


RE: The Raft Ride (Canyon River Rapids)

They came back stating it was better than Dorneys.

Well, Ride it while you can. August 16 or 17 is the last day. After that it disappears when that area starts its transformation into a wave pool and lazy river.

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"

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