PA, NJ, NY SFGADV 6-27-08 WOW what a change!

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To tell you the truth, I don't remember everything we did and in what order we did em so I'll give a rundown.

Arrived about 10:45 parked in tweetie and prceeded to the park, Security seen me smoking and gave me a showtimes and smoking locations map outside the entrance. (VERY NICE) Entered and Im not sure what we did but I remember doing Kingda Ka first so I'll rundown on that.

We all had ridden both Intamins at Hershey so we knew we could ride Ka. I had never ridden Dragster before but Rob and Debbie had and they didn't seem to impressed with it. Kingda Ka flat out kicked arse! Damn, It got fast then it got faster and then we were launching to the sun! At the top I glanced over and could see the world benieth me. Last view I had like that was on a airplane and down we went. Im not sure I like the spin to much. Seems to me that falling forever would be a better effect but the hill afterward offered nice floatage airtime and then it was done. WOW! I badmouthed Dragster to death and perhaps I was right in some instances and I will stand behind them. But this is definately the difference SFGADV needed to stand out from all the other great parks within easy driving distance.

I noticed every litter gitter in the park had a radio and security shirt on while basically there were probably the same amount of real Park Police it gave the apearance of enforcement and the gang mentality and turf feeling I got in 2001 DIDN'T EXIST AT ALL!

We did Superman which wasn't there last I visited and I liked it. Not as much as the Vekoma but it was not as lame and dreary as I had read they were.

Rode Medusa. For some reason this and Nitro were the longest waits of the day and loading seemed slow. Both were running all three trains though. Medusa was good and was my previous favorite floorless. Still a great ride.

Nitro, Backseat. BOOORING, BORING! different year, same view. oh wait, The views the only good thing about it. Condom Coaster.

El Toro. Me and Deb did not get to ride. I could get the bar on the test seat rather easy to go green, The belt was a good inch shorter than I could get. Rob said its a solid good ride and is a wood coaster. he did say that AIRTIME was painful as basically you don't get any real airtime as in off the seat but you get stretched. Oh well, now I know where I need to get to ride next visit.

Rode the mine train, THANKS FOR THE NEW RESTRAINTS, I could never get that old T bar they used to use to lock.

The Dark Knight, OK, WTH? Like almost every ride I've ridden with a Joker theme, THE JOKES ON YOU. This isn't even close to being a good addition let alone the hype behind it. The themeing starts ok then just dissapears and whats left is a overbraked indoor mouse with no theming whatsoever.

Batman, Once again I couldn't ride, Had heard they had installed big boy seats but the test seat isn't set up like that so I didn't ride.

Grannys, I think it was 15.99 for the buffet, drinks included. I remember eating there in 2001 and there was no buffet available and it cost me 21 bucks with drink and salad. Nice improvement!

The park was clean and everything they had was running at full capacity as I said, Never waited long for anything, Well patrolled, The Lion exhibit and wiggles world were good additions. Miss a couple of the old flats but WOW, THIS WAS A PARK I HAD SWORE NEVER TO RETURN TOO.

We also rode the skyride, Skull mountain and a few other rides and even got a night ride on KA. I don't know why, I liked the daytime ride much better, The visuals and sence of speed were much better in the daytime.


Batman does not have the larger seats which makes no sense to me since it just got new restraints in 2006. Hershey has the same test seat, the regular seat but does have the larger seat in row 5 which I don't understand either, why not have the test seat be the larger seat?
Why would you have the test seat be the larger seat, considering there are only a few larger seats and thus could be taken when you are actually riding?

I'm a pretty big girl, and I can honestly say, even if the test seats don't always fit, try and ride anyway. I sound like a broken record, but you really really really won't be disappointed with El Toro, and I fit into the restraints even with my big stomach, and HUGE butt and thighs. It's not comfortable, and I don't think I have much room to get BIGGER, but I really think you could probably do it if you have done other coasters from Intamin with no problems.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

I think the test seat should be the larger seat because people are going to be turned away thinking they can't ride when they can if they ride in the larger seat. I think Universal does it the best with 2 test seats at the entrance, one with the regular seat and one with the larger seat.

All they need to do is just mention that the larger seats are in a particular row so you know to wait for that row and that seat and it might require waiting an extra train. Before I lost enough weight to be able to use the regular seats, I always just waited for the next train if the larger seat wasn't available.

You have to consider the other end of the spectrum. A lot of the people who try the test seat are younger kids who are just reaching the height limit, or first timers in general. If they would try a larger seat, all the play and looseness in the restraints might discourage them (or their parents) from riding (letting them ride).
^^That's exactly what I was about to say...most people I see using the test seat for Maverick are kids, which while not a B&M, lead me to believe young kids were a major consideration.

Charles Nungester said:
Rob did say that AIRTIME was painful as basically you don't get any real airtime as in off the seat but you get stretched.

If you're thin enough, your butt easily flies out of the seat!!

I'm pretty thin, and I definitely didn't fly out of my seat on El Toro. No, I didn't try to keep the bar high when I was seated, but from what I saw they wouldn't have let me if I had.

I'm not thin at all and my arse was still out of my seat. I was not stretched, I was floated and then b*tchslapped back down over and over again. Gotta ride that back seat. :) That's why they STAPLE everyone. Look at me using enthusiast terms. LOL

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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