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Wednesday, July 30, 2008 4:17 PM
We left Jackson NJ about 9am and headed for the ultimate boardwalk park (Or at least it used to be) Coney Island NY home of so many inovative rides and fear inducing coasters for over a century.
On the drive we went some circle freeway around the lower part of NYC and Crossed two fantastic suspension bridges and a couple of Lift gate bridges until we got to Traditional Mecca. Brooklyn NY and home of Coney!

We arrived about 11:30 and the place was not yet busy, We drove up in front of the Cyclone and noticed their was metered parking there but didn't know how much it was so we kept going and finally settled on a lot on Stillwell for 20 dollar all day although we had only planned on spending a couple of hours.

The first thing you notice about Brooklyners is they are seemingly rude but if you take em for what they mean as in SAYING EXACTLY WHAT THEY MEAN then they are not rude at all. NO PC or tact to em. Just they mean what they mean and thats all there is too it! The parking attendent was addamant, Come on, Move closer ect ect. Rob was like OK OK and said sheesh but we got parked as he wanted us and then he was very nice. First time here? ECT? Where ya headed? Cyclone! Ok, Take the bowery thru there, turn left at the end and right at Surf and your there! NICE GUY!

So we arrive at CYCLONE (AKA MOM) The ticket booth says 8.00 per ride 5.00 per re-ride if you don't leave. Well the entrance is gated and a tall gated Q goes up to the loading platform. As we arrive at the loading platform, people are loosely lined up for rows and a operator says quite bluntly to ROB and Debbie that Fanny packs are not allowed! Take em to the desk at the rear of the station. This provides a bit of confusion as the loading platform is only about two rows deep to begin with. Oh well, Bags checked, We get lined up.

I Q'ed up for the backseat, Somebodys gotta do it right? Im feeling brave, Debbie is in front of me in the beautiful four bench trains and rob is in the middle of three cars.

Off we go, Here is where my braveness waivered. I start telling how this ride has derailed twice in the last ten years as we accend the lifthill and she says now you tell me!!!!!!!!!!

What did I expect? I don't know, I had heard insane airtime, killer latteralls ect but what I got was a pretty good drop. Slow first turn around and a lot of good drops but the bottoms were pretty bumpy and shaky. The ride seemed to intensify as it went. I thought it was a good coaster.

I had brought about 30 bucks in five dollar bills as I had planned to ride several times but I took a second ride and I had pretty much had my fill of Cyclone. No it wasn't too rough, Wasn't too shaky (But it was shaky) I just felt as though I came, I saw, I rode, I conquered!. We exited Cyclone, I bought my "I SURVEIVED THE CONEY CYCLONE SHIRT" with the remaining fives I had saved and we then proceeded to get a feel of Coney.

Back thru the Bowery and up to DInos Wonder Wheel, We looked up and down the boardwalk and a ever increasing number of people on what was a beautiful Beach. A ride on the big apple (Miler Jr) and Wonder Wheel which was quite interesting, not scary but nice view of Cyclone, Parachute Drop, Ball Park, Subway stations ect.

That was the end of our riding as everything there was 5 bucks a ride on the weekend there is no POP anywhere.

We looked around at the awesome top spin, INSANE BUMPER CARS AT DINO's which the operators were playing chicken and grabbing the poles and wheels and pirouetting around them as people spun in circles ect. NUTS! TRUE CARNY STYLE!

Were Hungry, Gotta eat NATHANS. OK, This isn't what I expected. I expected a hot dog stand but this place was almost a block long with stations almost every 3ft for service. Not only that, People are lined up ten deep out into surf ave to get service. All that being said, We got our Nathans Chili Cheese Dogs and Fries in about ten minutes. A sea of employees were behind the counter and how they put thousands of people and orders together accurately. WELL, I just want to give a shout out to that crew!

I wanted to see the circus side show and stuff but we decided it was time to go. Im guessing by 2pm that over a million people were in the area and every subway that came thru was dropping more off by the thousands. it was time to get to Rye Playland for our second half of our day.

Coney????????? What can I say? DONT EVER CHANGE IT!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 4:34 PM
Kick The Sky's avatar You should have seen the side show. It was well worth it. While the acts and the comedy is cheesy it is well worth the experience. The people that work there, despite their numerous tattoos and scary appearance were probably the nicest people I talked to in all of New York City. I didn't get to see much of the show, but what I did see was a lot of fun. It's a piece of Americana that is almost gone thanks to the Politically Correct world we live in.

I love the sign for those insane bumper cars. "BUMP YOUR ASS OFF!". Ha ha! That place looked awesome. I kick myself that I haven't ridden them.

I must have hit Nathans at the right time of the day because I only had to wait behind two other people in line and every other trip report is saying ten deep or more. Great place for a hot-dog though. The dogs have just a little bit of zip to them that you won't find elsewhere.

As for the Cyclone, maybe you should have ridden in front. I had great laterals there. I rode alone so I was getting tossed from side to side in the car.

Certain victory.


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