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Hello everyone. This summer my plan was to hit up Kennywood, Idlewild, Lakemont and Delgrosso's. KW I have been to once before. But my main question is such-Idlewild a full or half day park....AND can lakemont and Del's be done in one full day. I have heard the food is better at Delgrosso's. I have been looking into trip advisor for hotels, but I welcome any suggestions.

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Sky's the limit.

The food at Six Flags St Louis and Astroworld is better than the food at Lakemont.

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Idlewild can be done in a half day. I don't recall if we were there on a weekday or weekend, but the only long wait of the day was for the wild mouse, which doesn't have the greatest capacity (but is definitely worth a ride).

Lakemont and DelGrosso's are absolutely doable in one day. We were able to fit both, preceded by a visit to Williams Grove, all in one Saturday on the way to Knoebels.

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Everything mentioned above and Kennywood is far from a "mom and pop" park these days.

This trip without Knoebels included is Totally Incomplete.

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I live in Scranton, PA. I am about 2 hrs or less from Knoebels so I have been there many times. I will be coming from from CP and decided I could hit those parks on the way back to Northeast, PA. It does seem some parks are loosing their nostalgia these days. But def not knoebles =)

Sky's the limit.

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I actually did one "silly day" years ago where I started at Idlewild at opening, hit Del G's (lunch and coasters) and Lakemont, then got back to Idlewild before closing....they extended their hours due to crowds, and I ended up with 4-5 extra bonus laps on Rollo-Coaster at night. That ride is totally underrated.

Idlewild opens the Mother Goose area a hour before the rides, Its kinda neat either for kids or just to remember the tales you've long forgotten. Hoot and Holler, The trolley, Mouse and Rollo Coaster are must, Avoid the train unless you can just walk on to it. Idlewild really has a lot to do with how crowded it is to how enjoyable it is.

Lakemont and Delgrossos are easily doable in one day, If your going home to scranton, You might even make a few evening rides at Knoebels if you'd wish or Split the day up and go to the Altoona Railroaders Museum or Horseshoe Curve in between, Unless you do the waterparks neither will consume a ton of time. The Pizza joint at Delgrossos has probably the best Pizza I've ever tasted and they sell the sauces there. However I have found the sauces for 1.00 each at Local Big Lots stores and stock up everytime I go.

Have fun.

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