PA closing State Parks

I thought I'd post this, just in case anyone has a PA trip planned that involves camping at PA State Parks.

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As a person who LOVES camping and 99% of t time it's in a state park in PA, how ridiculous is this? I was even planning on going camping sometime this summer, and I usually go to a state park, this is just plain stupid. "lack of state budget", tell that to the crappy highways, high taxes and tolls. I know that is a different budget, but where is all this money going? Not where it should... Especially evident in somewhere where State Parks might close... because they can't properly maintain the trees... and the dirt... (I know theres more to it then that but seriously) *** Edited 7/9/2007 4:58:45 PM UTC by P18***
Mr.Rendell is holding the state hostage... the ransom is more (tax) money to be poured into his pet projects... gotta keep the masses (both the masses of people and the mass transit) in Philly happy.

WAIT... my mistake... forgot that one of those pet projects of "The Mayor" is a new arena for Pittsburgh.

By the way... while State Parks, Driver license centers, etc and other "Non essential" state business has been shut down, The State Liquor Store sytem, the State Lottery, and the 5 Slot parlors (by a court order none the less) all ARE operating. *** Edited 7/9/2007 5:26:05 PM UTC by SLFAKE***

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This is a shame for Conneaut Lake Park. All the Presque Isle and Pymatumming Business could have went to CLP for the beach.

^True enough. Camperland, though open, isn't doing well. I read an article in the Erie Time that the seasonal rv'rs are cutting the grass, painting and other chores becasue there is no staff to do the work.

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I believe Federal Law dictates that all states must have a balanced state budget in place by July 1st of each year. IF I'm not mistaken, didn't this happen in New Jersey last year? Where all of the toll roads were free because the state government was closed when a budget compromise couldn't be reached?

A day at the park is what you make it!

And PA is a state with a current $600,000,000 surplus.

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Michigan is doing the same thing in state forests (but not parks)...right smack in the middle of peak camping season.

Article here.

The cynic in me suggests that MI DNR is doing this to put pressure on the legislature via unhappy guests.
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We had a similar problem in New York... but the good news was that it was just Erie County, and it was mainly during the off-season from fall until May when pressure eventually got them to open it up. It was all due to the same thing... "budget crisis". They attack what the people love the most vs. the extra pork where the true money is coming from.

It's pathetic, especially during the peek of the season... and this will certainly bite them in the ass come election time if it keeps up because it's the voting public who will remember if it continues for long... and if they close that state peninsula park in Erie (near Waldameer, I forgot the name)... then they're playing dirty.

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This is the 5th straight year that the Rendell Administration failed to pass a budget on time. oh well, instead of camping at Promised land this weekend it looks like I may end up camping at Knoebels... pity
^^Fast Eddie doesn't really care about the voting public remembering... he is in his 2nd term and can not run again.

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^^^ Presque Isle State Park. Nice sunsets in the summer.

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"Beth Lyle said it was disappointing — especially for the children. 'How do you explain it to the kids?,' she asked."

Simple. Just tell them that the government is comprised of a bunch of flaming idiots who should be fired for being incapable of doing their jobs.

Furthermore, explain to them that said idiots don't even understand the concept of "public land" by denying the public access to it when the presence of staff is not at all necessary.

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Here's a NY Times article on the Penn's budget:


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DawgByte II said:and if they close that state peninsula park in Erie (near Waldameer, I forgot the name)... then they're playing dirty.

You mean Midway Park?

I've been meaning to get there...maybe in combo with Waldy and (finally) Seabreeze...

People need recreation...outdoor recreation. Maybe the news about obesity hasn't yet reached Rendell and the PA legislature?

Typical party politics. I bet this will help out private campgrounds like Knoebels.
Our transit systems (Port Authority in Pittsburgh and SEPTA in Philadelphia) are flat broke as well, Pittsburgh has started cuts in service and reducing the number of buses in the fleet (say "layoffs!") round 2 (more cuts) coming September 1st. This does wonders for the unemployment stats as well, not only laid off transit workers but those who depend on mass transit to even find and then attend a job in the first place. The Feds won't bail out the operations of the systems, they will only fund new equipment (which usually replaces equipment there is nothing wrong with in the first place because it hits a magic age). The State just cries "broke"...

All those new Casinos will be shutting down.. Bye bye, casino revenue, since it takes State workers to operate them (!)

At least the State controlled liquor stores remain unscathed... this probably makes more sense under a good sousing.....

State workers going back tomorrow. Drama over.
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Believe me, living 15 miles away from Erie this is nothing more than the biggest uproar from not only visitors, but with people who have their boats docked in marinas on the peninsula, which they are not allowing to get to due to security reasons with no forces to guard any of the areas.

The only state functions that still remain in operation are the State Liquor stores, the Lottery, and the Casinos, along with a limited and cut down PennDOT. The only reason the Casinos are staying open is that due to a clause in the Gaming License contract, it states that if the state were to close the casinos down in a "Budget Crisis" type situation, the casinos had right to receive back all the money spent on the Gaming License, along with retaining it, essentially giving them a free Gaming License, and costing the state millions of dollars.

All in all this sucks for tourism in general, but hey, if the Sara Coyne Campground was irritated with the Ravine Flyer, now they are side tracked with the fact that they can't have any business until this is settled. Presque Isle is completely locked off from all outside tourists and residents. All businesses and cottages are blocked off from usage, also. This is causing a huge uproar.

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