OWA posts testing video of its Rollin' Thunder roller coaster

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OWA, the new amusement park and entertainment district scheduled to open in July in Southern Alabama, has posted a video of their new roller coaster testing.

Visit the OWA Facebook page.

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Is that ride similar, if not identical to Coney's Thunderbolt?

I was thinking the exact same thing, and after a little digging on rcdb I found that they are the exact same model. It seems like this model has the potential to be the new Sky Rocket II that goes into a ton of those medium sized parks. Personally, I think it looks like a fun ride, but one of those types that isn't incredibly exciting after you've experienced it once.

Loving Maverick since 2007!

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I'm interested to see if Zamperla comes out with any custom coasters for this park since they've been contracted to build everything there.

The best of all the jokers is clearly Mark Hamill.

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I was expecting Thunderbolt to ride like a Euro Fighter but it doesn't. It has some very strange transitions and a few 'awkward' bits. I suspect the track and trains were designed by teams who didn't like each other very much.

I think the shape should allow a good number of parks to get on board with these, if they're priced right.

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