Owa amusement park set to open in Alabama in May

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The Owa theme park, about 45 minutes southeast of Mobile, is set to open May 17. It will feature 20 rides as part of a $500-million complex built by a local Native American tribe. The 14-acre site will be the biggest amusement park in Alabama and the only nearby option for serious thrill seekers in a four-state area, and feature rides from Zamperla.

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What are the chances that this actually opens in May? Based on the pictures I've seen, it looks like they have a long ways to go with construction.

Also, I found the quote about Zamperla being the company the “creates most of the rides at parks in Italy, Germany, Guatemala, Iraq, and North Korea” rather amusing. I wonder where they got that information, as it seems like a pretty random list of countries. It certainly doesn't seem like Zamperla is the dominant manufacturer in Germany, for example. According to RCDB, a whopping 5 of the 197 operating roller coasters in Germany are from Zamperla. Maybe they've been selling a ton of kiddie rides there?

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faulty logic:

all coasters are rides, but not all rides are coasters.

Hence the comment about how they might be selling a ton of kiddie rides. I still think it's an odd claim though. I mean, did anyone really list out every ride in the world to determine the countries in which most of the rides are from Zamperla?

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