OWA amusement park on track for July opening

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Mother nature isn't stopping crews from pushing toward a mid-July opening for OWA. The 21 ride amusement park will be the first of many amenities to open, and the excitement is building for tourism officials.

Read more from WALA/Mobile.

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Makes me nervous seeing a July opening date for a seasonal attraction. It is seasonal, isn't it?

Nervous about what? Failure? Or the heat?

I'd reckon that it will be as seasonal as anything in Alabama. You know, weather and work force permitting.

Keep in mind too that the rides are part of a much larger development, one that will hopefully sustain business even when the park isn't operating. Think of a Kemah Boardwalk type of place with more to offer than just an amusement park.

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Failure is always a concern. By not opening until July, they've cut their potential first year revenues in half. Very hard to show proof of concept to potential investors after half a year of results. They're going to have their work cut out for them.

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