Overlooked new roller coaster - Tsunami at Scene 75 in Dayton, Ohio.

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I found myself at Scene 75, a family entertainment center in Dayton, Ohio recently. I was surprised to discover that they had a roller coaster, Tsunami, that opened in 2020.

I am familiar with a smaller version of this coaster, called Slingshot, at Camden Park. These models are spinning coasters. Slingshot at Camden Park makes me nauseous. It is small, with a figure eight layout, and it cycles around many times. The repetitiveness does me in.

But the Tsunami has a more traditional layout. It still cycled around the course three or four times, but it did not make me feel sick. I really enjoyed it; made me laugh.

This ride was missing from the CoasterBuzz database, so I contributed it. I thought you guys would like to know about the ride.

I also made a short video of the entertainment center. The photos I contributed of the ride here are screen shots from this video. The coaster is near the end of the video.

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We have one here in Columbus, at the Tuttle Mall, on the NW side of 270. It took over a space that was formerly a Macy’s. I went in one pre-pandemic morning after dropping my mother in law at the doctor. I was very impressed with the operation and the amount of things to do there. They took advantage of the two story building- the shot/drop tower went through a large hole that I’m pretty sure was where Macy’s had the escalators.
I rode the coaster, identical to the one at Camden, and enjoyed it. I was the only rider though, which gave my car a weight advantage for spinning. I too felt slightly sick afterwards. There were other rides and attractions, FEC style. Maybe it’s been a while for me, but redemption games are huge, fancy things now, like similar to the cabinets they build for casino slot machines. There were Dodgems, go carts, laser tag, maybe Glo golf or something.
There is food and a bar and the place could be a fun party destination. I also heard there was police-involved trouble there when they first opened.
I’d like to enter mine as a credit as well but never got around to submitting it.

Is this a controlled spin or free spin? From the video, it looks more controlled.

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All the SBF spinners are free-spinning rather than controlled.

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It spins freely.

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It seems you can't trip and fall these days without landing on an SBF Spinner. They are fun enough, and a great way for an FEC to add something new and exciting to their menu.

I'll admit to being constantly disappointed on Coast2CoasterMap, however, when I click on a coaster and it turns out to be one of these. But hey, credits, Amirite?

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